What is Computer Keyboard and Types of Keyboard

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Summary In this post, am going to explain to the computer keyboard and types of computer keyboard. You will know the various classification of computer keyboards and their uses.

What is Computer Keyboard?

The word computer keyboard is used to refer to a portable electronic device that contains all alphabets (A-Z), numerics (0-9), special characters (@#$_&-+()/*"':;!?) which is used by computer system for accepting data as input. It can be connected to the computer system either via wire or wireless.

Types of Computer Keyboard

Computer Keyboard classification is based on two different categories which are mode of usage and their size. These are;

1. Gaming Keyboard

It is a keyboard that is designed for those that love playing games. It has few keys (W, S, D, A) and also include graphics on tje the keyboard. It has a charming design that makes it to be loved by almost every gamer.
gaming keyboard

2. Chiclet Keyboard

It is a keyboard that have square-shaped and rounded edges keys. This keyboard was designed to replace the manual typewriter keyboard style and also to reduce costs, increase productivity with faster typing speeds.
chiclets keyboard

3. Membrane Keyboard

It is a kind of keyboard that do not have space between its individual keys. The keys are pressure sensitive and an outline is used to divide each letter, symbol or number. The keys are laid on a flexible surface known as flexible.

4. Thumb Keyboard

It is a smaller keyboard that has fewer keys i.e only numeric characters. This keyboard is mostly used games and also for arithmetic operations. It was named according "thumb" because it is thumb-size

5. Flexible Keyboard

It is is a water and dust resistant keyboard that do not requires constant cleaning. This keyboard works the same way a normal keyboard works. It is flexible in nature just as the name suggested.
flexible keyboard

6. Laptop Keyboard

In this keyboard, the keys were reduced and gap between the keys were also reduced. It is a keyboard specially designed for laptop and is built in QWERTY form in most laptops. It contains alphabets, numeric, special characters and function keys.
laptop keyboard

7. Backlit Keyboard

It is a special keyboard basically designed for games and other traditional keyboards. It has a fascinating light that makes it usable in the dark.
backlit keyboard

8. Multimedia Keyboard

This is a type of keyboard that contains multimedia buttons such as play, pause, next, previous, volume up and down, mute and other special multimedia related buttons to load media file. It may also contains a button that can be used to launch calculator, web browser app and my computer.
multimedia keyboard

9. Mechanical Keyboard

It is a keyboard that uses physical buttons for every key. It works by allowing the user to push down the keys and the send electrical signal to the computer where the character is displayed. Also, for each key pressed, it makes a sound.

10. Wireless Keyboard

It is a type of keyboard that uses wireless technology such as Bluetooth and infrared technology or radio frequency to connect to the computer system without the use of USB or serial cables. These keyboards are usually smaller in size and have a lightweight. It has a transmitter that is used for sending key strokes in radio waves and a trans-receiver used for receiving the key strokes (signals).
wireless keyboard

11. Virtual Keyboard

This keyboard is referred to as virtual keyboard because it is not physical. It is built inside your device. An example of such keyboard is the virtual keyboard installed in computer device that can be launch when needed. While another example is that of smartphones.

12. USB Keyboard

It is a type of keyboard that can only be connected to the computer via the use of USB (Universal Serial Bus) stick and wire.

13. Ergonomic Keyboard

It is a keyboard that is designed for computer typist that uses both hands for typing. I will say it is meant for only the privileged ones because it is very expensive to acquire. However, its advantage worth the cost because it is makes the user to strain his muscles less when typing.
ergonomic keyboard

14. QWERTY Keyboard

This keyboard is named after the pattern of its keys arrangements. The keys are arranged in QWERTY form same way with the manual typewriter. It was basically built in this form so that manual typewriter users can easily fit into is used. It is the most common keyboard in the world today.

15. Magic Keyboards

Magic keyboard is a product of Mac that are supported by battery. It is a good looking design and this makes most people feel to use it.

16. Bluetooth Keyboard

This is a keyboard that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the computer system. It uses wireless protocol to send signal to the computer after which the typed character will be displayed on the system screen.

17. Chorded Keyboard

This keyboard is small in size but does not attained popularity in commercial purpose. Hence, it is hardly seen in most areas or regions.

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