What is Computer Input Devices and Examples of Computer Input Devices

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In this article, you will learn what is computer input device and their various examples.

What is Computer Input Device

The computer input device is a computer component that enables a computer user to interact with the computer, input data also controls signals been sent to a computer system. ALSO READ: definition of computer output devices and their examples

Examples of Computer Input Devices

Some examples of computer input devices are Gesture, Light Gun, Touch Pad, Remote, Touch screen, VR, Webcam, Biometric Devices, Microphone, Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), Optical Character Reader (OCR), Digital Camera, Paddle, Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Joystick, Light Pen Digitizer, Steering Wheel e.t.c 1. Scanner The scanner is another important component of computer. It has the ability to scan documents and pictures and display the scanned document on screen through the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Some of the types of scanners are as follows: handheld scanner, flatbed scanner, sheetfed scanner e.t.c. 2. Joystick A joystick also functions like the mouse. It is a computer device that can be used to direct the movement of the cursor across the screen. Joystick is also used in playing computer games. Unlike mouse, when the joystick is connected to the computer, the cursor will keep on moving on the joystick direction unless it is placed upright. Different kinds of joystick are finger-operated joysticks, displacement joysticks, hand operated, isometric joystick e.t.c 3. Light Pen Just as the name implies, it is a computer input device that looks exactly like a pen. It has a light sensitive detector tip through which users can select objects on the system display screen. It is this tip that will detect the location of the object and send the appropriate signals to the Central Processing Unit. 4. Keyboard A computer keyboard is an input device used for entering data into the computer system or other devices capable of accepting input. It can be connected to a computer via wireless connection (Bluetooth) or USB. The keyboard is normally divided into numbers, alphabet, function keys and characters. Examples of computer keyboard are ergonomic keyboard, flexible keyboard e.t.c READ MORE ON computer keyboard and their examples 5. Mouse The mouse is a computer component known as handheld device that is used for controlling the direction and movement of the cursor across the computer screen. The mouse has two buttons known as left click and right click with a scroll wheel in between the two buttons. It is designed to fit into palm and always placed on a flat surface when in use. Examples of mouse are wireless, trackball, optical, mechanical. ALSO READ overview of computer mouse and their types 6. Digitizer It is an input device that digitized art work and also have a flat surface that comes with a stylus. Through this stylus, users can draw graphics and images as well as display on the screen just as is done on manual art work. This device can also be used to accept information in drawing form and send the output Computer Aided Design (CAD). Furthermore, it can be used to accept handwritten text and further convert into typewritten text. 7. Optical Character Reader (OCR) OCR is also another important computer input device that is used for converting scanned documents such as typed, handwritten e.t.c into an editable format. When a document is scanned, the OCR device software will convert it to a bitmap (2-color i.e black and white). During the character recognition process, the OCR software will consider the white part of the document as background while the black part it will consider as character. This device is mostly used in large documents production companies e.g banks, schools, Cafe e.t.c. 8. Microphone Microphone is another computer input device used for accepting audio or sounds as input by the computer. When sound is given as input to the computer, it convert the sound into audio signals and further convert the audio signals into digital data for storage purpose. The microphone is mostly used during video conferencing and video chat. We have different types of microphone such as Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon e.t.c 9. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) MICR is a computer input device used for reading text printed with magnetic ink. It has character recognition feature through which it can recognized magnetic ink printed text. A very popular sector where this device is been used is the bank and other organizations that information security is of high value. In banks, it is used for processing of cheques. 10. Remote A remote is an input device device that uses electromagnetic waves to send command to or communicate with a device. A typical example is the TV remote used to turn on/off, change channels, increase volume e.t.c 11. Touch screen Touch screen is a touch sensor placed on the screen of device through which input can be accepted. The device user is able to interact with the device as a result of the touch screen. Examples are smart phones, TV e.t.c. 12. Webcam A webcam is a computer input device that is used for capturing images and recording videos that can be saved to the computer memory. It can be inbuilt or connected to the system. 13. Biometric Devices Biometric device is a computer input device that is used by a computer device to collect biometric data for processing. Through these devices, identification of people are being possible through scanning. Examples of these devices are: fingerprint scanner, face scanner, hand scanner. 14. Digital camera Digital camera is device that is used to capture images or record videos as well as store these images or videos to a storage media such as memory card. 15. Paddle It is an input device used for controlling game's characters as well as issuing commands. It is used for controlling cursor and objects throughout the game's operation. It has the appearance of a volume and wheel that can be held by the game player. 16. Steering Wheel Steering wheel is another computer input device used for controlling racing video games. Just like the real steering wheel, it enables the player to take both left and right turn while driving. It may be provided with brake pedal and acceleration devices and a way for shifting gears. 17. Light Gun Just as the name implies, it is an input device that can be aim at and fire a bullet at targets on the screen of the arcade or video game. When the gun is pointed at the target on screen and the gun trigger is pulled, the screen will turn blank for a second. ALSO READ different components of computer 18. Touchpad Touchpad is an input device that is built on laptops to serve as substitute for external mouse. Just like the mouse, it has left and right buttons with a pad used for controlling the cursor.

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