What is Application Software and Uses of Application Software

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What is Application Software

Application software can be seen as a kind of program or application that is designed to solve a particular problem or task. This type of software is not design to control the computer system hardware or it's underlying structure but to aid end-users in performing the specific task the software is been designed for. Application software can be installed and uninstalled by the system user without causing any damage to the system. It may be a single application like Adobe Photoshop or might come in suite just as Microsoft Office. Furthermore, application software is designed to help end-users automate the manual procedures required in their daily activities or transactions. For instance the payroll system help an employer to pay her employees without having to undergo manual calculations.

Examples of Application Software

Some examples of application software includes:
  1. Microsoft Office suite e.g PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook etc.
  2. CorelDraw
  3. Web browsers e.g Firefox, Chrome e.t.c
  4. Adobe Photoshop
  5. MS SQL Server
  6. Multimedia apps e.g BoomPlayer

Functions or Uses of Application Software

Some of the uses of application software are listed below:
  1. Used for data manipulation
  2. Used for data and information management e.g MS Access
  3. Used for mathematical and scientific calculations e.g SPSS
  4. Used for creating of documents e.g MS word
  5. It can be used for good record keeping and documentation
  6. It can be used for animation creation e.g SwishMax
  7. It can be used for creating of graphics e.g CorelDraw

Types of Application Software

Some types of application software are: 1. Freeware A freeware software is a type of software that is released for public use free of charge but restrict users from making any changes to the source code. Example is Skype. 2. Shareware Shareware is a type of application that is released for public use but on trial version with an option to go for premium use. If the user seen it useful then he has to pay for the premium version e.g WinRar 3. Open Source Open source software is a public released software for end-users with the permission to make changes to the source to suite your own needs. It might come free of charge or pay a life time purchase. 4. Closed Source This is a negation if the Open source. The right to edit the source code is totally prohibited. 5. Word Processing Software Word Processing application is that type of application that is used for creating, editing, formatting of documents known (softcopy) and also has the ability to print out the created document (hardcopy). Examples of this are Microsoft Word, WordPad e.t.c 6. Spreadsheet Software Is a type of application software that comes with functionalities of formulas which are used for simple to advance mathematical and scientific calculations. It is also used for creating of VBA applications that further extend its uses. Furthermore, in terms of data entry, it is presented in row/column format that enables users to enter data in table form. Example of this is MS Excel. 7. Presentation Software Presentation application software is a visual application used for organizing writeup content, ideas that are to be shared with audiences in seminars, conference e.t.c in slides in order to make the piece of content understandable. In this application, videos, images can be used for better description a d explanation to audience. Example of this is MS PowerPoint. 8. Multimedia Software It is a type of application software that deals with multimedia files. In other words, it is used for creating, editing, riping, converting, playing e.t.c of video or audio files. Examples of this are Video converter, Windows Media Player, Video maker e.t.c 9. Web Browsers Software It is a type of software that aid users to surf the internet for any information of interest. Examples of this are Firefox, safari, chrome, MS Edge e.t.c 10. Educational Software Educational software is a type of software that is developed strictly for solving issues related to schools. Examples of this are CBT software, result checkers and processing e.t.c

Advantages of Application Software

  1. It is designed to solve end-users problem: It help end-users to solve problem that might have taken then lot of workforce easily
  2. Security: Most of the application software comes with security that enables users to password their files or documents e.g MS Word documents can be password protected
  3. It help end-users to carry out instant messaging e.g WhatsApp
  4. It help business owners to keep track of their daily transactions as well as create employees payroll with ease

Disadvantages of Application Software

  1. Developing advance application software can be challenging to developers
  2. The premium version of most application software can be so expensive for commoners to acquire
  3. It makes some people to lost their jobs e.g manual typewriter became obsolete when word processing software was released

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