What Are The Names of God In Top 19 Languages In Nigeria And Their Meanings

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The name of God in different Nigerian languages reflects that Nigeria as a country has many ethnic cultures, groups and traditions. These groups are heterogeneous and have different names that they call God.This post will provide information on "What are the names of God in top 19 languages in Nigeria and their meanings and also provide answers to some questions below.

1 What is the Name of God in Igbo Language?

The names of God in Igbo language is:
  • Chineke or Chukwu (God my maker, the first force and being that proceeds every other existing force)
  • Ebube Dike (strong and powerful)
  • Odogwu Akataka (fearless warrior)
  • Dike na’gha (mighty warrior)
  • Ebube Mbekumbe (forever glorious)

2. What is the name of God in Hausa Language?

The names of God in Hausa language are:
  • Ubangiji (translates as Supreme being)
  • Sarki n Salama (Prince of Peace)
  • Ubangiji n Duniya (Master Of The Universe)
  • Ruhun Hikima (Spirit Of Wisdom)
  • Tushen Rai (Author of life)
  • Uba Madu Kaki (Father of Glory)

3. What is the name of God in Yoruba language?

  • Oluwa, Olorun(Lord)
  • Atogbojule (The one that is dependable)
  • Kabiyeesi (It means King)
  • Metalokan (It means the three in one God (Trinity))
  • Oba awon Oba (This name means the Kings of Kings)
  • Ologojulo (It means the most glorious God)
  • Olorun Awon Olorun (It means the Lords of Lords)
  • Olodumare (The Almighty)
  • Arugbo Ojo (Ancient of Days)
  • Olugbala (Saviour)

4.What are the names of God in Edo language?

Osanobwa (The mighty being who gives sustenance to the entire world)

5. what are the name of God in Efik/Ibibio language?

  • Abasi (Director of the Universe)
  • Osa Nudazi (The Impregnable)

6. What is the name of God in Igala language?

Ojo Odugbogagwu (the Almighty God)

7.What is the name of God in Birom (Berom) Language?

Dangwi (The Eternal Source of Existence or the source of being)

8.What is the name of God in Urhobo Language?

Ovie rivie (king of kings)

9. What is the name of God in Fulani Language?

Gueno (The creator God, he is uncreated and lives in eternity)

10. What is the name of God in Ijaw Laguage ?

Tamara (He who creates" or "Creator").

11. What is the name of God in Ebira Language?

  • Orchietenwu (the conqueror)
  • Ohinoyi Ohinoyi (The King Among All Kings)
  • Ome-omezeyi (Doer of whatever He wishes)
  • Ogohdo-gohdo onuvo-oza ometu (The Highest that no one can Reach)

12. What is the name of God in Igara Language?

Oshomoshi (my maker)

13. What is the name of God in Okrika Language?

Tammuno (My God in all)

14. What is the name of God in Igede Language?

Ohie (my king)

15. What is the name of God in Tiv Language?

  • Aondo (our God)
  • Aondo u gban sha man tar.(the creator of the universe both heaven and earth)
  • Ter u tor (the father of kings)

16. What is the name of God in Ibibio-Efik Language?

  • Abasi (God the director of the universe)
  • Ete (Father)
  • Abasi Afid Abuk (God of All Flesh)
  • Abasi Mbom Mmi (God of my Mercy)
  • Osa Nudazi (the impregnable)
  • Obot (the Creator)

17. What is the name of God in Nupe Language?

Soko (the creator or supreme deity that resides in heaven)

18. What is the name of God in Idoma Language?

  • Owoicho (God)
  • Owoicho Ada (God the Father)
  • Owoicho Oyi (God the Son)
  • Owoicho Alale’kwiyo (God the Holy Spirit)
  • Agaba ku Judah (Lion of Judah)
  • Omanya’manya (Lightening)
  • Omenyi’nyi (Merciful (God))
  • Okama’leya (What He said He does)
  • Okaloleya (What He said He does)
  • Ogbegu-gbegu (Mighty, Giant (God))
  • Oyi’Owoicho (Son of God)
  • Ondu (Lord)

19. what are the names of God in Etsako language?

Osikhuemhe (God who sanctifies)

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