What Are The Major Causes Of Indiscipline In Nigerian Schools?

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This post will provide information about "what are the major causes of indiscipline in Nigerian schools?" and also provide answers to questions like; What are the disadvantages of indiscipline?What are the characteristics of indiscipline? What are the sources of indiscipline in school? What are the major causes of indiscipline in schools?

What is Discipline in School?

Discipline in schools is a necessary set of rules administered to both teachers and students, which they are expected to obey and if violated be punished for their disobedience. these sets rules acts as guidelines and limitations for students and are relevant to build up the basis of social behavior for young minds. The Ministry of Education as well as the schools provides certain necessary guidelines to set up these rules and punishment for disobedience according to government's recommendations and policy and the international standards, they may include; work ethic, timekeeping,dress code, school schedule and social behavior.

What is Indiscipline in School?

Indiscipline in schools is the infringement or profanation of school rules. Indiscipline in schools can be noticed in different ways, these include: Lateness Improper dressing, Bullying, Hooliganism, Improper dressing, Drug abuse, Damaging property and other immoral acts. It is necessary to observe and analyze the causes of indiscipline. These are the the top 10 major causes of indiscipline in Nigerian schools:

Top 10 Causes of Indiscipline in Nigerian Schools.

1. Family Instability

Cases of indiscipline in secondary schools are always connected with family instability. As children can be influenced by everything around them and constant family trouble can become the cause of major psychological trauma in their life, making them exhibit similar behaviors at school. This emotional stress which is brought on children by their families can eventually disrupt discipline in educational sector

2. Parental Attitude

Proper upbringing of children is first and foremost the responsibility of their parents, but a lot of people neglect this fact. So, they expect that their problems with their kids at school should be blamed on the schools they attend, this is a very wrong perspective, as the parents’ failure to instill discipline in their children shouldn't be placed on the school.

3. Media Influence

Nowadays, you tend to find a lot of children whose minds have been completely poisoned by the media, which is currently filled with information and cases related to violence, crimes and different kinds of misbehavior, These children tend to copy a lot of things they see in the media. However, parents can at least limit the access of some media resources to kids, this will greatly improve their behavior at school.

4. Environmental Factors

This is another great cause of children`s misbehavior. The environment they grow up in. It is quite difficult to expect any kind of discipline in children if the school is located in a bad neighborhood, as the emotional development of children is greatly dependent on everything surrounding them, including ; their communication with adults, music,the movies they see, ecology and so on.

5. Government Policy

This is another major cause of misbehavior in schools, In a lot of cases, the government does not provide adequate rules and regulations to follow and when this problem is combined with their indifference to the proper training of educational personnel's in schools, it could lead to disaster.

6. Economic Instability

The economic instability in the country is a major cause of misbehavior at schools, A teacher who receives very little salary will not be very interested in teaching children properly. At the same time, parents may need to work longer and harder to make ends meet and may not have enough time for their children causing them too lack guidance.

7. Medical Problems

Lot of children in Nigeria cannot get access to adequate medical help and most parents do not see the need to take their children to see psychologists. More-so, it is highly recommended by many health organizations that children be taken to psychiatrists for prophylactic measures as it will help to prevent the possible misbehavior of children in future. So therefore, it is necessary to set a good example of discipline and properly address the causes at all levels, without this, the problem will remain.

8. Teachers' Professionalism

This is another great source of misbehavior in schools. It`s necessary for a government to prepare professionals who can maintain and apply order and educate kids without a problems and indifference.

9. School Leaders’ Professionalism

It is impossible to apply rules in school if the school authorities disobey rules themselves. The principal and teacher of any school should set a good example for their colleagues and the students. So, it is necessary to evaluate the professionalism of principals.

10. Government Interference

Government interference and policies do more harm than good to schools. One of the main problems with the government is that they tend to assume all schools are the same when making policies forgetting that it is necessary to provide educational policies in line with the different cultures of the lands.

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