What are the First Aid Tips for an Asthma Attack

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What are the First Aid Tips for an Asthma Attack
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In this post, you will learn about the full meaning of asthma attack, first aid tips for asthma attack and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

What is an Asthma Attack?

Asthma Attack is a type of that causes the muscles of the air passages in victim's lungs to go into convulsive movement (spasm). During this attack, the airways will start getting narrowed making difficult for the victim to breathe. Actually, asthma attack is usually triggered by some actions such as allergy, cigarette smoke, cold, drugs e.t.c but in some cases the cause might not be obvious.

Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

  1. Difficulty in breathing
  2. Distress and anxiety
  3. Feeling tightening around your chest
  4. Inability to speak
  5. Wheezing and coughing
  6. Difficulty in sleeping
Symptoms of asthma are always present in the diagnosed person. The moment where these symptoms get triggered is called an asthma attack. Usually, the most striking sign of an attack is when the person suddenly finds it harder to breathe.

First Aid Tips for Asthma Attack

Here are some basic first aid tips you can take when someone is having a mild asthma attack.
  1. Apply the Asthma Action Plan (AAP) issued by the Victim's Doctor
  2. Every asthmatic patient has a personalized AAP approved by his doctor. This AAP contains the step by step procedure that can help relieve or subdue the asthma attack or grip. But in a case where the AAP could not be found, the following steps would also be of help.
  3. Get the Victim into an Upright Sitting Position
  4. During asthma attack, one of the main target is the breathe hence causing the victim to have difficulty in breathing. Clearing the air pathways from any blockage can make the victim get some fresh air.
  5. Relax and Calm the Victim
  6. The victim must definitely be panic during the asthma attack but acting as source of hope can reassured the person that there is hope. Whenever you encounter an asthmatic patient in the midst of the symptoms, play a vital role by first of all telling him/her to calm down and also assuring him that all will be fine in a moment.
  7. Give them Four (4) Puffs from their Inhaler
  8. Asthmatic patients are aware that the sickness might trigger anytime and anywhere. Therefore, whenever the victim is going out or doing something, he/she always makes sure that the inhaler is inside his/her bag. in other words, if you come across asthmatic patient that the situation is so critical, first of all check his bag for the inhaler and help the victim to get puff like four times. Disclaimer: No matter how emergency it might be, always inform the asthmatic before doing this.
  9. Take the Victim to the Nearest Hospital or Clinic
  10. Even though you are able to give the victim the first aid treatment and somehow subside, it is still advisable to take the patient to a nearby clinic or hospital for further checkup and treatment.

How to Prevent Asthma from Happening in the First Place

It is advisable to prevent asthma from happening by trying to avoid certain things that can trigger the asthma attack.

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