What Are The Easy Steps On How To Know Your Genotype Without Going To The Hospital?

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This post will provide information on "What are the easy steps on how to know your genotype without going to the hospital?" as well as provide answers to questions like: How do you find out your genotype? What is genotype AA? What is the best genotype? Can your genotype change?

What is the Genotype Test?

A genotype test is an examination of your genetic origin and makeup, and it provides you with valuable information about yourself, bloodline, and family history.

Genotype Compatibility Chart

SS + SS = SS, SS, SS, SS, (Very Bad) AA + AA = AA, AA, AA, AA (Excellent) AS + AC = AA, AC, AS,SS. (Bad; seek counsel) AA + SS = AS, AS, AS, AS, (Fair) AS + AS = AA, AS, AS, SS, (Very Bad) AA + AS = AA, AS, AA, AS, (Good) AC + AC = AA, AC, AC, SS. (Bad; Seek counsel) AA + AC = AA, AA, AA, AC. (Good) AC + SS = AS, AS, SS, SS, (Very Bad) AS + SS = AS, SS, SS, SS, (Very Bad)

Types of Genotype

  • Epistatic which suppress the actions of other non-allelic genes
  • Hypostatic which are suppressed by allelic genes
  • Pleiotropic which affect the manifestation of some symptoms simultaneously
  • Fatal which reduce the embryo’s viability, oftentimes, they kill the embryos
  • Sublethal which are like the fatal genotypes, however, they can kill the embryo even before its reproductive period
  • Modifiers which can change the manifestation of other genes
  • Mutators which rapidly cause a change in the body signs and preferences of a person
  • How can i know my genotype without going to the Hospital?

    The good news now is that there is a company called 23andMe that can help to analysis someone's saliva and read out the whole DNA information of the owner of that saliva. 23 is the number that stands for 23 chromosomes, which contain genetic information about people. All you need to do is spit into the test tube and send it to the laboratory. You will be provided with your own personal genetic book with plenty of information about your ancestors, special features of your DNA, and other important facts that scientists could find out about you based on your saliva. The company is situated in the United States, and the only challenge there is the challenge of transporting your saliva across the border.

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