What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media In Nigeria?

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Social media helps to create awareness and helps people to find jobs. This post will provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of social media In Nigeria.

What is Social Media

Social media is an internet based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas and information through the building of virtual networks and communities. It is also an electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other contents. Social Media are interactive digitally mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or exchange of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities.

Advantages of Social Media

  • Communication: Social Media is very crucial to students as it helps them communicate with each other without requiring the need of physical connection. Through the social media, people can interact with one another, make friends, develop relationship, and build connection with others. Social media platforms provide you the possibility of connectivity with the people in the world.Some people used social media to stay connected with their friends and share thoughts with them with the help of social media. They cannot meet face to face due to time constraints. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, google+, Whatsapp, etc. are the social media platforms mostly used by people for communication
  • Social Media helps one to express themselves confidently such as posting pictures, posting videos, creating contents, writing articles, poems, short stories, posting on blogs, making podcasts, amongst others
  • Social Media is a tool of receiving information where people who can get access to the internet can get vital information. With the development of social media platforms, people can update themselves on the spot. People don't have to wait for the television newscast or wait for a daily newspaper. They can easily know the latest information and updates from the latest happenings around the world. by opening social media
  • Social media improves Learning of an individual
  • Social media help to build relationships between individuals who has access to the internet
  • Social media gives people an opportunity to talk about what they know, what they can do and what you want to be known for
  • Through the social media one can be aware of the ongoing things in the society. Awareness is a great way for self-development and self-growth
  • Through the social media policemen and government can find criminals, fight crime and reduce the rate of crime in the country, in terms of spying and catching criminals many agencies have been enjoying the positive effects of social media to the society
  • People can share their business products and services with the whole world because the whole world is connected and using social media
  • The possibility of finding help or useful advice from people you don’t even know but who have experienced the same life situation as you. Social media plays a very important role in helping people
  • It is not only in communication and entertainment medium social medium can be helpful, it is a powerful tool for the government to interact with the public. The government can also use social media for awareness to the public because social media platforms are mostly used by the public audience, it becomes easy for the government to create awareness to the public through social media
  • Social Media Improves Business Reputation
  • Social media is the most popular communication medium in today’s world. It changes the way of communication. It changes the way of interaction with other people.The best ever advantage of social media is that we can find someone’s detail and contacts easily by using social media
  • Social media cost-effective
  • Social Media Improve the product or services and responding to criticism especially on social media platforms improve brand loyalty
  • Social Media Used for Professional Growth: You can make your professional profile on social media platforms through people who can reach you , on social media you share share your interest with the people and make conversation with them, so they professionally know you

The Disadvantages of Social Media to Students:

  • Addictive: One of the worst things about social media is an addiction to the usage of social media.Most people use social media a lot they get addicted to the usage of social media they are always busy with the internet. Social Media can be additive when individual is over-reliance on it
  • Ruin Reputation: Social media has the power to shaping the online reputation of a business or an individual. Businesses suffer a lot from the false stories posted online and spread it to the people and this usually comes from competitors it on social media, .And by doing so, it ruins all the reputation
  • Affects business marketing efforts: Sometimes people with a bad experience with your product and services leave a negative feedback review on your social media page which can ruin your business efforts.If some of the people had a bad experience with your business products and services, they can share their bad experiences with other people on social media platforms
  • Drugs and Alcohol: One of the worst disadvantages of social media is most teenagers start to follow others, who are alcohol or drug-addicted. They are inspire by watching their views on social media and and are willing to join them no matter what without knowing the damages they caused
  • Death: Social media cause death by the other things thy watched and activities going on there which they might love to join them and by doing so it can affect them unknown to them
  • Bullying : Bullying is done through social media platforms. Most people make fake accounts on social media for bulling other people.They feel they can do anything without being traced. They bully other people by sending bad things images and videos to people.It becomes quite easy by using social media. They create discomfort for other people by negative comments and teasing by another kind of thing
  • Hacking: This is the worst disadvantage of social media. It is an illegal activity of getting access to other people information and sometimes blackmail them by posting them online saying all kind of rubbish and it is very difficult to solve.The hackers can also steal your business’s important data which not only harms you but can also harm your customer
  • Privacy is almost compromised: Most people update their details like phone number, address, work location, and other information of their personal life which other people can get access to them for other purposes which might create damages to their images
  • Reduces Face-to-Face Communication Skills: One of the worst things about social media is that it decreases the face to face communication skills because most people now prefer social media to communicate with people, and by this, they slowly lost their face-to-face communication skills.Communication through social media is only done by using keyboard or voice messages unlike the face to face communication
  • Fake News: Anyone can create fake news and post it on social media platforms without any verification. Most People now post fake news about people on social media timelines and share them with other people around the world which as might well It puts someone’s life in danger
  • Cheating and Relationship Issues on Social Media: Most people get cheated on social media. They make their profile on social media with incorrect information, They started connecting and communicating with other people without revealing who they are and cheating on each other
  • Health Issues: The excessive use of social media platforms brings different kinds of disorders to the health of people because they don't like to go outside and feel reluctant to do the necessary things or do some activities and fitness games
  • Sleep Problems: Social media emphasis the people staying active in using social media. Excessive use of social media damage the sleeping cells in the human body , they feel reluctant to sleep because they are too busy with the news and stories online
  • Distraction: A wise man once said that “Distraction leads to destruction.” Thus via the Social Media a whole lot of students become distracted, and this often leads to the destruction of their academic excellence; which is the major reason why they are in school. The distraction of social media affects a lot of the future and professional careers of people
  • Social Media Negative Impact on Children: The excessive use of social media leads children to different kinds of diseases and mental health problems. It disturbed all the routine and daily activities of the children
  • Loneliness: Social media now play a vital role in our life that's if one can't have access to the internet it will turn to something else as if they don't have other things to do, they are just bent on coming online no matter what it takes for them not to feel lonely. They are always busy with the users of social media which leads them to depression

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