Top 9 Functions Of Government In Nigeria

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Government is the authority or force that regulates on behalf of a community of citizens. Every country in the world has its government. In the context of its vast associative concept, typically consists of legislature, executive& judiciary. System of government is a way of implementing organizational rules, and also a process for policy determination. This post will provide information on the top 9 functions of government in Nigeria and also provide answers to questions like: What are the 8 functions of the government? What are the 7 functions of government? What are the main functions of a government? What are the 6 functions of the government? What are the 3 roles of the government?

Functions Of Government

1. Maintaining Social Order

This can be achieved through certain agencies like: The law enforcement, a judicial system such as court cases, trials and so many others.

2. Provide Public or Utility Goods

Among the many functions of government is to provide public goods. In most cases, these are services that the private sector cannot provide or they can provide in an unfair or inefficient manner. National security is one of these services. For example, can the private market offer security services? Yes, the government can outsource military security. The government and wealthy individuals can hire private mercenaries to protect them.

3. Offering National Security

The safety of the country must be structured to guarantee their state of well-being and health of the Nigerian citizen (through the Army, Air force, Police and the Navy).

4. Establishing Laws

There should be laid down rules and regulations to determine and to control the behavior of a citizen in a country eg. voting rules, labour laws, private property laws and so on.

5. Protect the Natural Rights

The primary functions of government are to protect the basic human rights which include right to life, liberty and to possess property. The idea of natural rights is because every person deserves to enjoy these rights. It is assumed that people are born with these rights and that they shouldn’t be taken away from them without their agreement.

6. Defend Against External Enemies

War across nations has been a constant condition since the beginning of civilization, in view of this; the government has a responsibility to ensure peace within its borders. It should also keep external aggressors at bay.

7. Managing Economic Conditions

The modern government has a duty to fight poverty and improve the quality of life of its citizens. In order to achieve this, the government must create a conducive environment for material prosperity and economic growth.

8. Redistribution of Income and Resources

Governments should ensure economic-pie(National cake) grows larger to redistribute fruits of prosperity. The government does this by taxing wealthier people and transferring the income to different categories of people who are in need of these services.

9. Prevent Any Externality

An externality is an indirect cost or benefit occurring from an activity that impacts your society. In most cases, externalities affect people who are not participants in an event or activity. The impact can either be negative or positive. The government must develop and implement state laws and regulations on undesirable externalities. Other than being physical as in the case of pollution, externalities can also be aesthetic or psychological. For example, a liquor store located near a school is an externality. The government strives to prevent them via zoning state laws.

What Are The Main Functions Of A Government?

In the context of its vast associative concept, government typically consists of legislature, executive& judiciary. System of government is a way of implementing organisational rules, and also a process for policy determination. Every government has some constitution, a declaration of its guiding principles and ideology.

What Are The 6 Functions Of The Government?

  • To form a more perfect Union
  • To get the states to agree and work together
  • Establish Justice
  • Insure domestic Tranquility
  • Provide for the common defense
  • Promote the general welfare
  • And secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity

What Are The 3 Roles Of The Government?

  • National defense
  • Administration of justice (law and order), and
  • The provision of certain public goods (e.g., transportation infrastructure and basic amenities)

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