Top 20 Secrets of a Successful Marriage and Happy Couples

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Top 20 Secrets of a Successful Marriage and Happy Couples


A marriage is not an easy task that you can easily manage without chaos but however, what matters most is how both couples are able to resolve the issues they are facing. There are so many marriage that have broken just because of lack of understanding and pride. A man who is able to manage his marriage till death deserve a reward cos is not an easy task. God created women with one of our ribs. Based on this fact, most husbands like riding on their wives believing that women are to be submissive to their husbands just as the church is submissive to Christ. Yes this is true but do not expect the woman to be speechless in every of your opinion. In this post, I want to share you some important top 20 Secrets of a successful marriage in other to make your marriage a successful one.

Sources of Wisdom for Successful Marriage

Of a truth, there is no man that can stay in a successful marriage without seeking wisdom of other sources. Every great man on earth read the story of other successful great men and the results motivated him. For you to have vast knowledge on marriage success, you have to learn how to put God first, read marriage motivational books, attend seminars, make friends with people doing well in marriage and surf the net for marriage success quotes.

How to make your marriage a successful one

Though these steps might not guarantee you 100% of making your marriage successful, they will go a long way in helping you to work it out. You have to digest each of these steps and act on them on daily basis and you shall see a good result.

1. They Always Study the Word of God

God is an author of peace. Happy couples understand the power in the Word of God and always study it together. They know that if they can act accordingly as directed by God's words, they will be able to overcome trials and unpleasant circumstances.

2. They are Always Tolerance

Couples that are doing well in their marriage realized the importance of learning to be tolerant. They always tolerate the bad attitude of each other believing it was a mistake. They do not take offense in everything. They overlooked insults and wrong of their spouse.

3. They Have the Spirit and Heart of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the key factor of successful marriage. As I said earlier, no marriage is free of quarrels and troubles. As far as couples are living together, there must be issues that will definitely caused misunderstandings. But after this, they have the heart of forgiveness for each other. And once they forgive, they have forgotten it.

4. They Always Respect Each Other

Respect is what everybody needs. Couples that are doing well in their marriage have great respect of each other. They welcome the opinion of each other. The man does not looked down on the woman vise versa.

5. They Give Each Other Emotional Romance

Emotional romance is another secret behind successful marriages. Couples that are romantic to each other in words, attitudes e.t.c will surely lived in peace. It brings strong intimacy between both couples.

6. They are Always Grateful to Each Other

Happy couples always appreciate the effort of each other. Whatever the man do will be highly appreciated by they woman vice versa and this makes both couples to do more and always planning how to impress themselves.

7. They Give Each Other Words of Encouragement

When they are passing though difficulties and hardship, words of encouragement is what they give each other. They always believed it shall be well again. With this thought, they always derived joy from the little they have.

8. They Always Shower Each Other With Gifts

In a marriage, happy couples always love to surprise their spouse with present. Gifts do not only makes your spouse happy, it also shows that you care about him/her and this will make your spouse to imitate you.

9. Happy Couples Stipulate Marital Laws

A marriage were there is no law is doomed to fail. There must be some rules and regulations that should guide the home. The rules should be approved by both couples in order not to go against the will of your spouse.

10. They Know Each Other Likes/Dislikes

Happy couples are able to know what each other hates. They always try as much as possible to ensure that they never do that which will caused pain to the other. Rather, they always do the things that they know will bring joy to their spouse such as what the spouse will find funny and playful.

11. They Always Ignore Outsiders Talk

Giving a listening ear to outsiders talk can break a marriage overnight. Couples that understand this always avoid what people says about their spouse. They do not want to listen to any words says by people they think are not encouraging them.

12. Happy Couples Keeps their Marriage Touch Times Secret

Despite the fact that everyone wants a happy marriage, there are times everything might not work in the favour of the couples. But happy couples are able to know the that though they are experiencing hardship, UPs and DOWNs, time is coming that they shall smile again. At such, they will always be happy preparing for the better days ahead.

13. They Think Positive of Each Other

No matter what any of them do, bad or good, the other always sees all as positive. They have a positive mind cos they know that the only way to overcome marriage crisis is when your mind is full of positive thinking.

14. They Tried to be Independent

No matter how rich couples are, happiness is only guaranteed when both are financially independent. They do not have one source of income. Both have something doing therefore making them to do anything they want without waiting for the other.

15. They Keep to their Promises

Making promises without keeping to them break trust. If you make a promise to your spouse, do ensure that you keep to that promise cos promise is what anybody will wait for the expectation. Therefore, when failed, you will be the worst person ever in existence. Happy couples knows what it means to keep to promise mostly when it has to do with his/her spouse.

16. They Nurture Trust

Trust is the only thing that can make two strangers act as brothers. If you can't trust, then you cannot be trusted. Happy couples always trust each other no matter what they heard or seen. They have the attitude of nurturing trust towards themselves and this keeps them going.

17. They Have Separate Bank Account and Source of Income

Having a separate bank account in a marriage means alot in success. When both spouse operates separate bank account, it will give them relief as one will not be having the feeling that the other is overspending their savings.

18. They Always Have Long Romance Before Sex

Having a deep, emotional touch and kiss with your spouse always makes the bond grow stronger. If you are the type that always want to have sex with your spouse without caressing, kissing, touching sensational body parts, then you are loosing it. A woman that smiles at you after sex means that she likes the way you touch her and makes her feel like real woman that she is vice versa.

19. They Always Have Hangout

Once in a while, couples should try to have a hangout. Do not feel that cos you guys are married, there is no need of having good time in clubs, fast food, playground e.t.c. This will make your union grow stronger and new everyday.

20. They Always Takes Each Other's Needs As Priority

Taking your spouse needs as your number one priority is a key factor to marriage success. Happy couples always do not take the each other needs for granted. They try to actualize these needs before any other things.


The secret to a successful marriage is what you have learnt in this post. From what you have read so far, you can agree with me that the secret to a successful marriage is within us. It is our attitude that will make the marriage a success.

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Good one boss. More wisdom

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