Top 10 Secondary Schools in Kaduna State

Nuelson Penuel Sunday, November 19, 2023 Education

Kaduna State, located in the northwestern region of Nigeria, is known for its rich cultural heritage and educational institutions. When it comes to providing quality secondary education, the state boasts some of the most reputed and renowned schools. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 secondary schools in Kaduna State.

1. Nigerian Tulip International School (NTIC):

Ranking as the best secondary school in Kaduna State, NTIC focuses on holistic education and has a reputation for producing academically excellent students. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and has state-of-the-art facilities.

2. Kaduna International School (KIS):

Known for its strong academic curriculum and commitment to excellence, KIS provides a conducive learning environment. The school focuses on holistic education and aims to develop well-rounded individuals.

3. Essence International School:

Founded in 2005, Essence International School has established itself as one of the top secondary schools in the state. It offers a comprehensive academic curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

4. Faith Academy:

With a mission to provide quality education in a Christian environment, Faith Academy is highly regarded for its academic excellence, discipline, and moral values. The school has a strong track record of producing high-achieving students.

5. Nigerian Military School (NMS):

As one of the prestigious military schools in Nigeria, NMS focuses not only on academics but also on discipline and character development. With a rigorous curriculum and military training, the school prepares students for leadership roles.

6. Premier College:

Premier College is renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to nurturing students to reach their full potential. The school offers a range of extracurricular activities and has a history of producing outstanding results in external examinations.

7. Baptist High School:

Established in 1924, Baptist High School is one of the oldest and most respected secondary schools in Kaduna State. The school focuses on academic excellence, discipline, and spiritual values.

8. Queen Amina College:

Named after the legendary Hausa warrior queen, Queen Amina College is a top-ranking all-girls secondary school in Kaduna State. The school has a reputation for academic excellence, discipline, and extra-curricular achievements.

9. Nigerian Turkish International College (NTIC):

NTIC is known for its high academic standards, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to holistic education. The school offers a wide range of courses and extracurricular activities to cater to the diverse interests of its students.

10. Government Secondary School (GSS), Nsukka:

GSS Nsukka is well-regarded for its academic excellence and the quality of its faculty. The school provides a conducive learning environment and offers a broad range of academic and extracurricular activities.


These ten schools have proven their worth in providing quality secondary education in Kaduna State. From strong academic curricula to extracurricular opportunities, these institutions have equipped their students for success in various fields. Choosing the right secondary school is crucial for a student's academic and overall development, and any of these schools would be an excellent choice for parents and students in Kaduna State.

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