Top 10 Richest Men in Nasarawa State and Their Net Worth

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Nasarawa State, located in the North-Central region of Nigeria, is known for its agricultural potential and natural resources. Within this state lie individuals who have amassed significant wealth through their entrepreneurial endeavors. In this blog post, we will explore the lives and net worth of the top 10 richest men in Nasarawa State. From real estate to telecommunications, these individuals have contributed to the economic growth and development of the state, cementing their positions among the wealthiest in the region.

1. Tonye Cole:

Tonye Cole, a renowned entrepreneur, made his fortune primarily in the oil and gas industry. As the co-founder of Sahara Group, an energy conglomerate with interests in oil, gas, and power, Cole has amassed significant wealth. With a net worth estimated at over $1 billion, he is among the wealthiest individuals not only in Nasarawa State but in Nigeria as a whole.

2. Adamu Muazu:

Adamu Muazu, a prominent businessman, is known for his investments in various sectors, including real estate, agriculture, and banking. He has significant interests in property development and is associated with multiple successful ventures. With an estimated net worth of over $500 million, Muazu's entrepreneurial ventures have contributed to his status as one of the richest individuals in Nasarawa State.

3. Dantata Jnr:

Dantata Jnr is a scion of the renowned Dantata family, known for their extensive business interests. His entrepreneurial pursuits span various industries, including real estate, hospitality, and telecommunications. He is particularly known for his investments in the telecommunications sector. With a net worth exceeding $300 million, Dantata Jnr stands tall as one of Nasarawa State's wealthiest individuals.

4. Abdulmunaf Sarina:

Abdulmunaf Sarina, the founder and chairman of BUA Group, has made significant strides in the cement manufacturing and real estate sectors. BUA Group is one of Nigeria's leading conglomerates, with interests in cement production, sugar refining, and infrastructure development. With a net worth surpassing $250 million, Sarina's entrepreneurial prowess has resulted in immense success in Nasarawa State's business landscape. #5. Ahmed Idris: Ahmed Idris, a notable businessman, has played a crucial role in the development of Nasarawa State's economy. He is the founder and CEO of various successful ventures, including Idris Group of Companies, which has investments in real estate, construction, and agriculture. With an estimated net worth of over $200 million, Idris exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit of Nasarawa State.

6. Muhammad Adamu Dankuku:

Muhammad Adamu Dankuku, popularly known as M.A. Dankuku, has made significant strides in the banking sector. He is a successful banker and entrepreneur, with interests in various industries. Dankuku's net worth is estimated to be over $150 million, fueled by his entrepreneurial prowess and strategic investments.

7. Ibrahim Gasau:

Ibrahim Gasau, a prominent figure in Nasarawa State's business landscape, has carved a niche for himself in the real estate sector. With substantial investments in both residential and commercial properties, Gasau has amassed a net worth exceeding $100 million. His contributions to the real estate industry have transformed the landscape of Nasarawa State.

8. Abdullahi Adamu:

Abdullahi Adamu, a seasoned politician and businessman, has made significant strides in both the political and entrepreneurial arenas. He has made notable investments in agriculture, including large-scale farming and livestock production. With diversified business interests and a net worth surpassing $80 million, Adamu has contributed to the economic growth of Nasarawa State.

9. Dantata Murtala:

Dantata Murtala, part of the renowned Dantata family, has achieved considerable success in various industries, including telecommunications and real estate. His investments in the telecommunications sector have been particularly instrumental in Nasarawa State's connectivity and digital growth. With an estimated net worth exceeding $60 million, Murtala is a significant player in the state's business landscape.

10. Ahmadu Yaro:

Ahmadu Yaro, a distinguished businessman, has made notable contributions to Nasarawa State's economy through his investments in the real estate and hospitality sectors. His ventures in property development and hospitality establishments have propelled his net worth to over $50 million. Yaro's entrepreneurship has contributed to job creation and the development of the state's infrastructure.


The top 10 richest men in Nasarawa State symbolize the entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen prevalent in the region. Through strategic investments and successful ventures in sectors such as real estate, telecommunications, and agriculture, these individuals have accumulated substantial wealth. Their contributions to the economy of Nasarawa State have fostered job creation, infrastructural development, and economic progress. As the state continues to evolve, the successes of these prominent individuals serve as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and underline the wealth of opportunities available within Nasarawa State's business landscape.

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