Top 10 Richest Men in Edo State and their Net Worth

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Edo State, located in southern Nigeria, has always been admired for its rich cultural heritage and breath-taking landscapes. However, beyond the cultural splendor lies a group of individuals who have built tremendous fortunes, solidifying their positions as the wealthiest men in the state. In this blog post, we will explore the lives and net worth of the top 10 richest men in Edo State and give you an insight into their exceptional wealth.

1. Benedict Olumhense Obayagbona (Net Worth: $1.2 billion):

Benedict Olumhense Obayagbona, popularly known as Beno Obayagbona, is an iconic figure in Edo State. He is the founder and CEO of a diversified conglomerate, Obayagbona Group, which operates in various sectors including manufacturing, oil and gas, and real estate. His entrepreneurial genius, coupled with strategic investments, has earned him an astounding net worth of $1.2 billion.

2. Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo (Net Worth: $850 million):

Captain Hosa Wells Okunbo, widely revered for his significant contributions to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria, sits at the second spot. As the Chairman of Ocean Marine Security Limited and other successful ventures, Captain Okunbo's net worth stands at an impressive $850 million. Besides his business acumen, he is also known for his philanthropic initiatives focused on education and healthcare.

3. Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion (Net Worth: $550 million):

With a net worth of $550 million, Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion is another prominent figure in Edo State. He is the founder and Chancellor of Igbinedion University, the first private university in Nigeria. Gabriel Igbinedion also possesses a vast portfolio of investments, including hotels, transport, and oil and gas. His entrepreneurial success has placed him among the wealthiest men in the state.

4. Tony Anenih (Net Worth: $450 million):

Late Tony Anenih, often referred to as "Mr. Fix It," made significant strides in both politics and business. During his lifetime, he held significant positions in Nigeria's government and played a pivotal role in nation-building. Tony Anenih's diverse business ventures, ranging from hospitality to real estate, have accumulated a net worth of $450 million.

5. Lucky Igbinedion (Net Worth: $400 million):

Lucky Igbinedion, the son of Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion, rose to prominence as the former governor of Edo State. Apart from his political career, Lucky Igbinedion also owns robust businesses in sectors such as oil and gas, real estate, and hospitality. His net worth currently stands at an impressive $400 million.

6. Adams Oshiomhole (Net Worth: $350 million):

Adams Oshiomhole, a former labor leader and governor, has made a significant impact on the political landscape of Edo State. Known for his bold and reformative approach to governance, Oshiomhole's net worth is estimated at $350 million. Additionally, he owns substantial stakes in thriving businesses in the state.

7. Mike Oghiadomhe (Net Worth: $300 million):

Mike Oghiadomhe, a seasoned politician, held the position of Chief of Staff to the President during the Goodluck Jonathan administration. He has strategically invested in diverse sectors, including real estate and energy. With a net worth of $300 million, Mike Oghiadomhe secures a place among the wealth elite in Edo State.

8. John Odigie-Oyegun (Net Worth: $250 million):

John Odigie-Oyegun, a veteran politician and former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has played a crucial role in shaping the political landscape of Nigeria. Through astute investments in the real estate sector, Odigie-Oyegun has amassed a substantial net worth of $250 million.

9. Magnus Abe (Net Worth: $200 million):

Magnus Abe, a distinguished lawyer and politician, has long been a key player in Edo and Rivers States' political scenes. Besides his political affiliations, Abe has invested heavily in the energy sector, further augmenting his net worth to approximately $200 million.

10. Kenneth Imasuagbon (Net Worth: $150 million):

Kenneth Imasuagbon, fondly known as Rice Man, is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. His primary ventures include oil and gas, logistics, and agriculture. With an estimated net worth of $150 million, Imasuagbon has firmly established himself among the affluent class of Edo State.


The top 10 richest men in Edo State exhibit remarkable entrepreneurial prowess and have built substantial wealth over the years. As we delve into their lives and net worth, it becomes evident that their investments span various sectors, contributing significantly to the growth and development of both Edo State and Nigeria as a whole. Through their successes, they also play a crucial role in philanthropy, improving the lives of the less fortunate in their communities.

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