Top 10 Richest Local Government Areas in Nigeria

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In this post, you will learn about the top 10 list of richest local government areas in Delta State.


Lagos Island also known as Isale Eko is among the richest LGA’s in Nigeria with a population of about 200,000 residents. This local government area occupies the western side of Lagos Island while the other east side is occupied by residents of the LGA of Eti-Osa. There are about 3 large bridges linking Lagos Island via the Lagos Lagoon to Ebute Metta district. Also connected to the west of the Island is the Lagos harbour district of Apapa which also is linked to Ikoyi and Victoria Island. History suggests that Isale Eko was home to the majority of the Brazilian slave trade returnees as they settled at the island, living on Broad street, Marina. Today, you can find various top organizations located at this area especially the head-offices of top Nigerian banks such as UBA, WEMA, Central Bank of Nigeria etc. Also located at east of Lagos Island is the popular Balogun and Idumota market whose internal generated revenue sustains the LGA. Lagos Island is one of the richest LGA in the federation and an old area that was the former settlement of the Brazilian slaves who lived along broad street in Marina. With a total number of 190,000 persons living in this area, this LGA has two popular major markets that has significant economic importance. While this area is congested with traffic and poor housing infrastructures, there are also major landmarks in Lagos Island. Some of them include: Tom Jones Memorial Hall and Library, Bookshop House, the Cathedral Church of Christ, Bank of Industry, Nigerian Ports Authority head office, etc.


Ikeja is another richest LGA in the country and it is the capital city of Lagos state. Development in this local government is top-notch as it is a city well planned with commercial activities, industrial activities and a well designed transit system to navigate round its environs. It is the located in Lagos and is also Lagos state capital. In this list, Ikeja is the second richest local Government Area in Nigeria. It has one of Nigeria’s international airport, with resources such as wood, water, coal, natural gas are found in the state. The largest mall in Lagos state is located at Ikeja. The popular Computer village which is the biggest computer accessories market also known as Otigba has over 3000 shops. This area is of economic importance to Ikeja local government area and is one area that fetches money for the LGA. Ikeja is also very large and houses an International airport, Muritala Muhammed Airport. There is also the popular Ikeja City Mall also called Shoprite and Lagos State Government House, Alausa. Places such as Oregun, Opebi, Ogba, Akiode, Alausa, Magodo, Maryland, Agidingbi and Computer Village are famous districts in Ikeja LGA.


The Abuja Municipal is by far the most powerful local government area in Nigeria because it is the location of the official seat of the president of Nigeria and even the National Assembly. Also within this area is the headquarters of international bodies such as ECOWAS and OPEC. This local government that is by far the best in the country is Abuja municipal as it is receive funds from the presidency. It is even the most secured LG in the federation. You can see that development in this area is unique as tall buildings, skyscrapers, well built houses that are well spaced, popular five star hotels such as Abuja Sheraton and NICON Hilton are all located there in Abuja municipal. This is the most secured LGA in Nigeria and the best local government area because it is the area housing the office of the first citizen of the country and the National Assembly.


Eti-Osa is a popular local government area in Lagos State, Nigeria comprising of different council areas such as Ikoyi-Obalande LCDA, Eti-Osa East LCDA, and Iru Victoria Island LCDA. It is even said that the richest people in Nigeria, Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga and Folorunso Alakija all reside in this area. The number of residents that makes up the population of Eti-Osa is about 283,791 persons which is just 3.11% of the state’s total population. Economic wise, this area is home to businesses that have both local and international presence as it is close to developed neighbourhood in the state; Ikoyi, Lekki and Victoria Island.


Although Ibeju Lekki is another rich LGA situated in Lagos state, they are mostly known for industrial housing estates, spacious lands and their beautiful gardens. The presence of the Lekki commercial free trade zone which is still under development makes this LG a futuristic business zone, coupled with the 12MW independent power plant which is still under construction by the China-Africa Lekki investment company, Dangote oil refinery is sure to make this local government a big one.


Uyo is the capital of Akwa Ibom, one of the richest states in Nigeria. Over the years, Uyo is blessed with many natural resources and has infrastructural development ranging from the good roads networks, bridges, schools and other tourist centres that boosts its economy. The best stadium in the country “Godswill Akpabio Stadium” is also located there. The Uyo local government area is said to attract foreigners, tourists and investments.


The Calabar Municipal is among the wealthy LGA in Nigeria situated in Cross rivers state. It has an area of 142 km² and a population of over 179,392 using the 2006 census as a yardstick. The roads are well constructed and the city is surrounded by tourist centers such as the Calabar Tinapa resort, Obudu cattle ranch and many more. The postal code is 540.


Also on out list of richest local government areas in the country is Bonny Island, a beautiful place located in Rivers state. This area is known for its infrastructural advancement with tarred roads, efficient water supply to all residents of its environs. Bonny Island also has Nigeria liquefied natural gas plant (NLNG) which supplies the Nigerian city with 24/7 electricity power supply. Transportation to the Island is by ferry or boat while the language spoken there is mostly Ibani and Igbo.


Obio Akpor is the most wealthiest Local Government Area in terms of natural resources. Located in River State which is also one of the richest states in Nigeria. Obio Akpor is one of the major cities of the Niger Delta region and the leading economic centers of the whole country, with mineral resources such as oil and gas located in the area. The local government is also divided into 7 different wards. Apart from the oil found in Obio Akpor, the residents are also involved in agriculture. Obio Akpor is the richest LGA in Nigeria and the main economic power base of the Niger Delta region. It houses the major refineries including top oil and gas firms. You can find natural gas at Obio-Akpor as most oil found in Nigeria are exploited there.


The largest city in West Africa is Ibadan and this area also produced the first TV station in Africa. In fact, the history of Nigeria won’t be complete if you don’t mention this LGA.


It is located in Taraba state. Kurmi is also among the richest local government areas in Nigeria but isn’t among the top 10. One thing about this local government is that it is known for its fertile land which allows agricultural practice thrive in the state. Kurmi local government area is the main agricultural base of the country as they produce majority of food for consumption in the whole country and for themselves.


It is situated in Edo state with many towns and cities. Esan Central LGA is the fourth richest local government areas in Nigeria todayJust like Kurmi LGA, its major sector is agriculture. There are also hospitals, factories, hotels e.t.c in the area.


Etinan local government area is located in Akwa Ibom State, and are ranked among the richest LGA’s in Nigeria. One of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Research suggests that it is the richest in oil production in Nigeria and also the most peaceful area in Nigeria.


Although these local government are seen the richest in Nigeria when it comes to natural resources, they have been affected in one way or the other due to the current downturn rocking Nigeria. The largest local government in Nigeria in terms of population is Alimosho Local Government Area in Lagos State, Nigeria with 1,288,714 inhabitants according to official census carried out in 2006 while the largest state in Nigeria in terms of land mass is Niger state.

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