Top 10 Highest Yam Producing States in Nigeria

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Top 10 Highest Yam Producing States in Nigeria


Yam, commonly known as the "king of crops," holds a special place in Nigeria's culinary and cultural heritage. It is one of the most important staple crops in the country and a significant source of income for farmers. Nigeria is the largest producer of yam in the world, accounting for about 70% of global production. In this blog post, we will highlight the top 10 highest yam producing states in Nigeria.

1. Benue State:

Known as the "Food Basket of the Nation," Benue State takes the first position in yam production in Nigeria. Blessed with fertile soil and a favorable climate, it produces a significant quantity of yam annually. The Tiv people dominate the yam farming activities in this state, and it contributes massively to the country's total production.

2. Ebonyi State:

Coming in at the second spot, Ebonyi State has rapidly gained recognition as a major yam producer in Nigeria. The state government has placed significant emphasis on agriculture, particularly yam production, resulting in a steady increase in output. The rich fertile soil and abundant rainfall make it an ideal state for yam farming.

3. Ekiti State:

Known as the "Fountain of Knowledge," Ekiti State stands out as one of the top yam-producing states in Nigeria. The state is known for its agricultural prowess, and yam farming is a significant contributor to its economy. The farmers in Ekiti State have adopted various modern farming techniques to enhance yam production.

4. Oyo State:

Located in the southwestern region of Nigeria, Oyo State is another major contributor to the country's yam production. The state boasts fertile soils, suitable weather conditions, and a large population of experienced yam farmers. The Oke-Ogun region in Oyo State is particularly known for its vast yam farms.

5. Niger State:

Niger State, located in North-central Nigeria, holds a prominent position in yam production. The state has immense agricultural potential, and yam farming has become a primary source of income for many farmers. The government has also provided support in the form of improved seedlings, storage facilities, and training for farmers to boost production.

6. Enugu State:

Enugu State, situated in the southeast region of Nigeria, is known for its rich soil and favorable climatic conditions. Yam farming is a significant economic activity in this state, and farmers are continually adopting modern agricultural techniques to increase productivity. The state government has invested in research and development programs to enhance yam production in the area.

7. Kogi State:

With its strategic location between the northern and southern regions of Nigeria, Kogi State plays a vital role in yam production. The state has abundant arable land and favorable weather conditions, making it suitable for yam cultivation. The government has implemented various initiatives to support yam farmers and encourage increased production.

8. Cross River State:

Located in the southern part of Nigeria, Cross River State has a conducive environment for yam farming. The state's fertile soil, abundant rainfall, and favorable temperature contribute to its high yam production. The government has been active in providing training and resources to farmers, resulting in increased yields.

9. Imo State:

Imo State, known as the "Rice Bowl of Nigeria," also excels in yam production. The state has a large number of yam farmers who cultivate the crop on both small and large scales. The government has implemented initiatives to provide farmers with improved seedlings and training, which has significantly increased yam production in the state.

10. Delta State:

Delta State, located in the Niger Delta region, is renowned for its agricultural abundance. Yam farming is a major economic activity in this state, with many communities engaged in its cultivation. The state government supports yam farmers through the provision of improved seedlings, modern farming techniques, and access to credit facilities.


Yam production plays a crucial role in Nigeria's economy, providing food security and income generation for countless farmers across the country. The top 10 highest yam producing states, namely Benue, Ebonyi, Ekiti, Oyo, Niger, Enugu, Kogi, Cross River, Imo, and Delta, are leading the charge in meeting the nation's yam demands and contributing significantly to global yam production.

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