Top 10 High Demand Jobs in Lagos and Salaries

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Lagos, the economic and business hub of Nigeria, offers a plethora of job opportunities across various industries. This article aims to shed light on the top 10 high-demand jobs in Lagos and provide insight into the potential salaries one can expect in these fields. Whether you're a job seeker looking for lucrative opportunities or simply interested in understanding the job market, this guide will help you navigate through the most sought-after professions in Lagos.

1. Software Developer/Engineer

With the rise of technology, the demand for skilled software developers and engineers has skyrocketed. Companies in Lagos are actively seeking professionals with expertise in programming languages, web development, and software engineering. Salaries typically range from ?2.5 million to ?5 million per year, depending on experience and skillset.

2. Data Analyst/Scientist

In an era where data is becoming increasingly valuable, organizations are in need of skilled professionals who can extract insights and make data-driven decisions. Data analysts and scientists in Lagos can earn between ?2 million to ?5 million annually, depending on experience and specialization.

3. Financial Analyst

The booming financial sector in Lagos demands talented individuals capable of analyzing market trends, managing investments, and providing financial advice. Financial analysts can earn salaries ranging from ?2 million to ?7 million per annum, based on qualifications and experience.

4. Sales and Marketing Manager

Lagos provides numerous opportunities for professionals skilled in sales and marketing. Companies are willing to offer competitive compensation packages that range from ?3 million to ?6 million per year, depending on industry and experience level.

5. Human Resources Manager

As organizations recognize the importance of effective human resource management, the demand for experienced HR managers is on the rise. Salaries for HR managers in Lagos typically fall between ?3 million and ?6 million yearly, commensurate with qualifications and experience.

6. Project Manager

With Lagos experiencing significant infrastructural development, project managers are in high demand across sectors such as construction, IT, and finance. Experienced project managers can expect salaries ranging from ?4 million to ?8 million annually, depending on the scope and complexity of the projects they handle.

7. Medical Practitioner

Lagos boasts a thriving healthcare industry, presenting lucrative opportunities for medical practitioners. Doctors, specialists, and surgeons can earn salaries ranging from ?2 million to ?10 million per year, depending on specialization and experience.

8. Legal Counsel

The legal profession remains in high demand in Lagos, and experienced lawyers are highly sought after. Salaries for legal professionals vary widely depending on the size and reputation of the firm, with potential earnings ranging from ?2 million to ?10 million annually.

9. Oil & Gas Engineer

Lagos is a major player in Nigeria's oil and gas industry, offering numerous opportunities for engineers in this field. Salaries for oil and gas engineers can range from ?3 million to ?12 million per year, depending on experience and expertise.

10. Supply Chain Manager

As Lagos continues to be a key logistics hub, supply chain management professionals are in high demand. Salaries range from ?3 million to ?8 million annually, based on industry and experience level.


Lagos provides a wide range of job opportunities for individuals seeking lucrative careers. The top 10 high-demand jobs in the city span diverse industries and offer competitive salaries. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a business-minded individual, or a healthcare professional, exploring these high-demand professions can lead to rewarding careers with financial stability. Remember to consider factors such as education, experience, and industry demand when assessing potential salary ranges.

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