The Origin and History of Ellu Kingdom

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The Origin and History of Ellu Kingdom
Goodday viewers! We have been able to compose a brief history and origin of Ellu Kingdom. This is an Isoko countryside community in Delta State southern Nigeria that was founded around the 18th century. Bounded in the north by Emu-Uno community, in the south by Ozoro and Idheze communities, in the east by Ofagbe community, and in the west by Owhelogbo community, Ellu is located within longitude 6'13 East and latitude 5'36 North. These geographical boundaries incorporate Aradhe and Ovrode communities, which are Ellu's sister communities in the north and east, respectively. According to the 1995 National census, Ellu has a population of 10,000 people. Ellu community lies between Ozoro and Kwale, along Ughelli-Asaba Expressway. This article will provide the origin and history of Ellu kingdom, their occupation, the education level, their religious beliefs and lots more.

1. Origin Of Ellu Kingdom

According to oral interview, Ellu is founded by Akaje, Ogwaru, Ogeidhe, Ogike and Orodo from Owhe. Akaje brothers Egbeta and Esakpa founded Aradhe, while Ovime founder of Ovrode migrated from Uruode in Ellu.

2. The Monarchy System Of Ellu Kingdom

The Ovie of Ellu is the traditional head of the community.

3. Occupation of Ellu People

A growing number of Ellu populace are civil servants and small-scale entrepreneurs. Ellu economy is based on farming, fishing, and the production of palm oil and kernels. The main food crops are yams and cassava, supplemented by corn (maize), beans, peppers, and rubber. There are petroleum-producing fields in the area. Ogini Field is located in Ellu, Ovrode, Ozoro and Ofagbe adjoining boundaries.

4. Ellu Festival Activities

Ellu Kingdom celebrates a 7-day annual festival in the community. This festival is called Etor festival and it usually attracts alot of crowd including sons and daughters of Ellu kingdom from far and near as well as folks from other communities.

5. Education Level in Ellu Kingdom

Ellu Kingdom has two public primary schools, a public secondary school, and a number of private schools. A government-funded health care centre is also located in the community.

6. Religious Beliefs

Although the predominant religion in Ellu is Christianity, many natives still practice African traditional religion, which has been practiced for thousands of years before the arrival of the Europeans to Africa. This is evident in the several ancestral shrines that can still be seen in Ellu. There are categories of divinities in Ellu Kingdom and they are Guardian divinities, War divinities, Prosperity divinities and Fertility and Ethical divinities.

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