The Monarchy System and Festival of Emevor Kingdom

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Origin and History of Emevor in Nigeria

Emevor is one of the seventeen clans in Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State, Southern Nigeria.Emevor shares boarder with Ebor-Iyede, Agbarha, Otor Owhe and Orogun. The distance between Emevor to the East of ughelli township stadium is about 13km. James Welch Grammar school Emevor and Emevor Mixed Secondary School, Emevor are the two public secondary school in the town alongside with two public primary schools which include Emehwa Primary School and Odion Primary School. Other private schools are present in various places within the community. There are two major markets natively called "Ekiedhe" and "Ekiewo". Emevor is one of the oil producing community in the Niger Delta region and it was said that the founders of Emevor clan are the Ogwilaya's because they are known to be the very descendants of Emewha, also they belong to Oletu family in Emevor. It is typically known to be a calm place with people speaking a definite Isoko language.

The Monarchy System of Emevor Kingdom

"Odion" is known to be the traditional ruler of Emevor. Other community leaders like president general, chairman and so on are also present in the town.

Occupation of Emevor People

The major occupation in Emevor is farming i.e food crop farming which includes cassava and yam. Also, they are popularly known in the production of palm oil and palm kernels. Hunting and fishing are also practiced although in a lower rate. The farming population in Emevor are mostly women, they indulge in trade by selling food crops in exchange for cash to meet other needs. Due to the soil damage caused by constant spilling of crude oils in the area, the rate of food crops begins to reduce which makes some of the people result to becoming civil servants and businessmen and businesswomen.

Emevor Festival

In Emevor, festival like "Idhu and "Owhoru" are being celebrated every year or every two years alongside with merriment despite the Christianity era. Prominent sons and daughters of Emevor Kingdom as well as residents from in and out of the community partake in this festival.

Education of Emevor

Emevor Kingdom has two public secondary schools which includes James Welch Grammar school Emevor and Emevor Mixed Secondary School Emevor with two public primary schools which includes Emehwa Primary School and Odion Primary School. Other private schools are also located in various places in the community.

Beliefs/Religion of Emevor

Emevor people are mainly christians. Although tranditional worship still exist and practice by some of the people in the community which include ritual making, performing sacrifice to their deities and consultation in there ancient shrines through a priest who serves as an intercessor between them and there ancestral gods.

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