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By Timirich /Basis/Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The Major And Minor Ethnic Groups In Nigeria and Their Culture



There are three major ethnic group in Nigeria and about 302 minor ethnic groups in Nigeria. You might be wondering about How many ethnic groups are in Nigeria? or What are the 10 major tribes in Nigeria? This post will provide information on the the major and minor ethnic groups in Nigeria and their cultures and also provide answers to frequently asked questions.

The 3 Major Ethnic Groups in Nigeria and their Cultures

1. The Hausa Ethnic Group in Nigeria Hausa is one of the ethnic groups in Nigeria and it is located at the Northern part of Nigeria and it has the highest population, and it is a language spoken by an estimation of 22 million people and made up approximately 24-26% of Nigeria’s population. the Hausa's are also known for their Islamic religion and practices, majority of the Hausa's are Muslims only few are Christians,the Hausa that lives in the rural area engage is farming, while those that settle down in urban area engage in business and politics. Hausa people can be found in states like Kano, Kastsina, Jos, Kaduna, Maiduguri e.t.c 2. The Yoruba Ethnic Group in Nigeria Yoruba is also an ethnic group in Nigeria, located in the western part of the country, the Yorubas are the second largest ethnic group in Nigeria and their known for their respectful behavior. 30% of the Yoruba population practice traditional religion, while few practice islamic religion while majority practice the christian religion.You can find the Yorubas in States like Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Kwara, Osun, Ibadan e.t.c. Yoruba has many dialects, and they understand each other. Each town in Yoruba land has elders known as Oba (king) and these kings have a council of elders. 3. The Igbo Ethnic Group in Nigeria Igbo is the third largest ethnic group in Nigeria, and they occupy Eastern part of Nigeria. The Igbo language has an estimated population of 18 million speakers,Igbo is made up of approximately 18% of Nigeria’s population.The Igbos live in places like, Onitsha, Enugu, Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi etc. Some part of the igbos strongly believe that that originated from the Nri kingdom. Although Igbos are mostly Christians, yet they have a deep respect for their culture., they are also known to be business minded people, they are the ethnic group that takes lead the business sector in Nigeria.

What are the largest Ethnic groups in Nigeria?

1. Ijaw Ethnic Group Ijaw which is also one of the ethnic groups in Nigeria consists of over 9 distinct languages which are Izon, Kalabari, Andoni, Epie- Atissa, Nembe, Ogbia, Okirika, and Engenni. The Ijaw people are mainly Christians, though some of them practice traditional religion.Their land is surrounded by water so therefore, there major occupation is fishing, agriculture (farming) and hunting, and they are found in places like Bayelsa, Delta e.t.c. 2. Kanuri Ethnic Group The Kanuris are also an ethnic group in Nigeria and they live in the Northeastern part of the country.They make up of about 4% of the total population in Nigeria,the Kanuri people are known for Muslim practices.and their occupation is farming. Kanuri people are mostly found in Maiduguri state. 3. Fulani Ethnic Group Fulani is mostly found in the North Eastern part of Nigeria e.g Taraba, Adamawa and they can also be found in another country apart from Niger, they speak the fulfulde language.Fulani people are different from the Hausa's because they don’t look alike and neither do they practice the same culture. The fulanis are majorly known for cattle rearing and they can live anywhere, and their women are known for their curly and long hair. They also practice the isalmic religion 4. Ibibio Ethnic Group The Ibibio people are located in South Eastern Nigeria. Though many people believe that the present homeland of the Ibibio people is not their original homeland, but it is Cameroon.This language is spoken by over 2 million people in Nigeria. The people of Ibibio engage in farming, fishing, and trading. 5. Tiv Ethnic Group TIV is one of the ethnic groups in Nigeria that constitutes about 3.5% of the total population,Tiv people can be found in Benue, Taraba and Nasarawa states as they’re well known for their agricultural produce as majority engages in farming. 6. Edo Ethnic Group Edo is one of the ethnic groups in Nigeria, having Edo as their main language and this is spoken by approximately 8 million people.The Edo ethnic group are descendants of the people who founded the ancient Benin Empire. Farming is practiced by the Edo people. 7. Idoma Ethni Group The Idoma citizens can be found in Benue state, Cross rivers, Enugu and Nasarawa state in Nigeria.The Idoma people are known for one language which is Idoma. majority are christain while few are traditional worshipers. 8. Igala Ethnic Group This ethnic group in Nigeria can be found in the Eastern part of river Niger and Benue confluence.The Igala people are mostly found in Benue state, and they are known for their agriculture and steel industry.It is believed that Attah is the father of Igala people and Attah can do and undo. According to the Igalas, Attah gave up his two daughters to die for Igala people for them to survive the attack of enemies. 9. Urhobo Ethnic Group Here is another ethnic group found in the southern part of Nigeria. These people speak urhobo, Isoko, Okpe, and Uvwie as their language.These languages are spoken by approximately 2 million people. Majority of the people are Christians and some of them practice traditional religion. 10. Nupe Ethnic Group The Nupe people speak Nupe as their language and this language is spoken in five states by approximately 3.5 million people.Mostly, the Yoruba referred to them as “Tapa”. Most of the people engage in fishing, probably because they live near the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers.

Minor Ethnic Groups In Nigeria and Their States

  • Abayon located in Cross River state
  • Abua (Odual) located in Rivers state
  • Achipa (Achipawa) located in Kebbi state
  • Adim located in Cross River state
  • Adun located in Cross River state
  • Affade located in Yobe state
  • Afizere located in Plateau state
  • Afo located in Plateau state
  • Agbo located in Cross River state
  • Akaju-Ndem (Akajuk) located in Cross River state
  • Akweya-Yachi located in Benue state
  • Alago (Arago) located in Piateau state
  • Amo located in Plateau state
  • Anaguta located in Plateau state
  • Anang located in Akwa lbom state
  • Andoni located in Akwa lbom, Rivers
  • Angas located in Bauchi, Jigawa, Plateau
  • Ankwei located in Platea
  • Anyima located in Cross River
  • Attakar (ataka) located in Kaduna
  • Auyoka (Auyokawa) located in Jigawa
  • Awori located in Lagos, Ogun
  • Ayu located in Kaduna
  • Babur located in Adamawa, Bomo, Taraba, Yobe
  • Bachama located in Adamawa
  • Bachere located in Cross River
  • Bada located in Plateau
  • Bade located in Yobe
  • Bahumono located in Cross River
  • Bakulung located in Taraba
  • Bali located in Taraba
  • Bambora (Bambarawa) located in Bauchi
  • Bambuko located in Taraba
  • Banda (Bandawa) located in Taraba
  • Banka (Bankalawa) located in Bauchi
  • Banso (Panso) located in Adamawa
  • Bara (Barawa) located in Bauchi
  • Barke located in Bauchi
  • Baruba (Barba) located in Niger
  • Bashiri (Bashirawa) located in Plateau
  • Bassa located in Kaduna, Kogi, Niger, Plateau
  • Batta located in Adamawa
  • Baushi located in Niger
  • Baya located in Adamawa
  • Bekwarra located in Cross River
  • Bele (Buli, Belewa) located in Bauchi
  • Betso (Bete) located in Taraba
  • Bette located in Cross River
  • Bilei located in Adamawa
  • Bille located in Adamawa
  • Bina (Binawa) located in Kaduna
  • Bini located in Edo
  • Birom located in Plateau
  • Bobua located in Taraba
  • Boki (Nki) located in Cross River
  • Bkkos located in Plateau
  • Boko (Bussawa, Bargawa) located in Niger
  • Bole (Bolewa) located in Bauchi, Yobe
  • Botlere located in Adamawa
  • Boma (Bomawa, Burmano) located in Bauchi
  • Bomboro located in Bauchi
  • Buduma located in Borno, Niger
  • Buji located in Plateau
  • Buli located in Bauch
  • Bunu located in Kogi
  • Bura located in Adamawa
  • Burak located in Bauchi
  • Burma (Burmawa) located in Plateau
  • Buru located in Yobe
  • Buta (Butawa) located in Bauchi
  • Bwall located in Plateau
  • Bwatiye located in Adamawa
  • Bwazza located in Adamawa
  • Challa located in Plateau
  • Chama (Chamawa Fitilai) located in Bauchi
  • Chamba located in Taraba
  • Chamo located in Bauchi
  • Chibok (Chibbak) located in Yobe
  • Chinine located in Borno
  • Chip located in Plateau
  • Chokobo located in Plateau
  • Chukkol located in Taraba
  • Daba located in Adamawa
  • Dadiya located in Bauchi
  • Daka located in Adamawa
  • Dakarkari located in Niger, Kebbi
  • Daza (Dere, Derewa) located in Bauchi
  • Ebana (Ebani) located in Rivers
  • Ebirra (lgbirra) located in Edo, Kogi, Ondo
  • Ebu located in Edo, Kogi
  • Efik located in Cross River
  • Egbema located in Rivers
  • Egede (lgedde) located in Benue
  • Eggon located in Plateau
  • Egun (Gu) located in Lagos,Ogun
  • Ejagham located in Cross River
  • Ekajuk located in Cross River
  • Eket located in Akwa Ibom
  • Ekoi located in Cross River
  • Engenni (Ngene) located in Rivers
  • Epie located in Bayelsa
  • Esan (Ishan) located in Edo
  • Etche located in Rivers
  • Etolu (Etilo) located in Benue
  • Etsako located in Edo
  • Etung located in Cross River
  • Etuno located in Edo
  • Palli located in Adamawa
  • Pulani (Pulbe) located in Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa , Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi , Niger, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, etc.
  • Fyam (Fyem) located in Plateau
  • Fyer(Fer) located in Plateau
  • Ga’anda located in Adamawa
  • Gade located in Niger
  • Galambi located in Bauchi
  • Gamergu-Mulgwa located in Borno
  • Qanawuri located in Plateau
  • Gavako located in Borno
  • Gbedde located in Kogi
  • Gengle located in Taraba
  • Geji located in Bauchi
  • Gera (Gere, Gerawa) located in Bauchi
  • Geruma (Gerumawa) located in Plateau
  • Geruma (Gerumawa) located in Bauchi
  • Gingwak located in Bauchi
  • Gira located in Adamawa
  • Gizigz located in Adamawa
  • Goernai located in Plateau
  • Gururntum located in Bauchi
  • Gusu located in Plateau
  • Gwa (Gurawa) located in Adamawa
  • Gwamba located in Adamawa
  • Gwandara located in Kaduna, Niger, Plateau
  • Gwari (Gbari) located in Kaduna, Niger, Abuja, Plateau
  • Gwom located in Taraba
  • Gwoza (Waha) located in Borno
  • Gyem located in Bauchi
  • Higi (Hig) located in Borno, Adamawa
  • Holma located in Adamawa
  • Hona located in Adamawa
  • Ibeno located in Akwa lbom
  • Ichen located in Adamawa
  • ljumu located in Kogi
  • Ikorn located in Cross River
  • Irigwe located in Plateau
  • Isoko located in Delta
  • lsekiri (Itsekiri) located in Delta
  • lyala (lyalla) located in Cross River
  • lzon located in Bayelsa, Delta, Ondo, Rivers
  • Jaba located in Kaduna
  • Jahuna (Jahunawa) located in Taraba
  • Jaku located in Bauchi
  • Jara (Jaar Jarawa Jarawa-Dutse) located in Bauchi
  • Jere (Jare, Jera, Jerawa) located in Bauchi, Plateau
  • Jero located in Taraba
  • Jibu located in Adamawa
  • Jidda located in Abu -Plateau
  • Jimbin (Jimbinawa) located in Bauchi
  • Jirai located in Adamawa
  • Jonjo (Jenjo) located in Taraba
  • Jukun located in Bauchi, Benue,Taraba, Plateau
  • Kaba(Kabawa) located in Taraba
  • Kadara located in Taraba
  • Kafanchan located in Kaduna
  • Kagoro located in Kaduna
  • Kaje (Kache) located in Kaduna
  • Kajuru (Kajurawa) located in Kaduna
  • Kaka located in Adamawa
  • Kamaku (Karnukawa) located in Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger
  • Kenton located in Taraba
  • Kiballo (Kiwollo) located in Kaduna
  • Kilba located in Adamawa
  • Kirfi (Kirfawa) located in Bauchi
  • Koma located in Taraba
  • Kona located in Taraba
  • Koro (Kwaro) located in Kaduna, Niger
  • Kubi (Kubawa) located in Bauchi
  • Kurama located in Jigawa, Kaduna, Niger, Plateau
  • Kurdul located in Adamawa
  • Kushi located in Bauchi
  • Kuteb located in Taraba
  • Kutin located in Taraba
  • Kwalla located in Plateau
  • Kwami (Kwom) located in Bauchi
  • Kwanchi located in Taraba
  • Kyenga (Kengawa) located in Sokoto
  • Laaru (Larawa) located in Niger
  • Lakka located in Adamawa
  • Lala located in Adamawa
  • Lama located in Taraba
  • Lamja located in Taraba
  • Lau located in Taraba
  • Ubbo located in Adamawa
  • Limono located in Bauchi, Plateau
  • Lopa (Lupa, Lopawa) located in Niger
  • Longuda (Lunguda) located in Adamawa, Bauchi
  • Mabo located in Plateau
  • Mada located in Kaduna, Plateau
  • Mama located in Plateau
  • Mambilla located in Adamawa
  • Manchok located in Kaduna
  • Mandara (Wandala) located in Borno
  • Manga (Mangawa) located in Yobe
  • Margi (Marghi) located in Adamawa, Borno
  • Matakarn located in Adamawa
  • Mbembe located in Cross River, Enugu
  • Mbol located in Adamawa
  • Mbube located in Cross River
  • Mbula located in Adamawa
  • Mbum located in Taraba
  • Memyang (Meryan) located in Plateau
  • Miango located in Plateau
  • Miligili (Migili) located in Plateau
  • Miya (Miyawa) located in Bauchi
  • Mobber located in Borno
  • Ndoro located in Taraba
  • Ngamo located in Bauchi, Yobe
  • Ngizim located in Yobe
  • Ngweshe (Ndhang.Ngoshe-Ndhang) located in Adamawa, Borno
  • Ningi (Ningawa) located in Bauchi
  • Ninzam (Ninzo) located in Kaduna, Plateau
  • Njayi located in Adamawa
  • Nkim located in Cross River
  • Nkum located in Cross River
  • Nokere (Nakere) located in Plateau
  • Nunku located in Kaduna, Plateau
  • Nyandang located in Taraba
  • Ododop located in Cross River
  • Ogori located in Kwara
  • Okobo (Okkobor) located in Akwa lbom
  • Okpamheri located in Edo
  • Olulumo located in Cross River
  • Oron located in Akwa lbom
  • Owan located in Edo
  • Pa’a (Pa’awa Afawa) located in Bauchi
  • Pai located in Plateau
  • Panyam located in Taraba
  • Pero located in Bauchi
  • Pire located in Adamawa
  • Pkanzom located in Taraba
  • Poll located in Taraba
  • Polchi Habe located in Bauchi
  • Pongo (Pongu) located in Niger
  • Potopo located in Taraba
  • Pyapun (Piapung) located in Plateau
  • Qua located in Cross River
  • Rebina (Rebinawa) located in Bauchi
  • Reshe located in Kebbi, Niger
  • Rindire (Rendre) located in Plateau
  • Rishuwa located in Kaduna
  • Ron located in Plateau
  • Rubu located in Niger
  • Rukuba located in Plateau
  • Rumada located in Kaduna
  • Rumaya located in Kaduna
  • Sakbe located in Taraba
  • Sanga located in Bauchi
  • Sate located in Taraba
  • Saya (Sayawa Za’ar) located in Bauchi
  • Segidi (Sigidawa) located in Bauchi
  • Shanga (Shangawa) located in Sokoto
  • Shangawa (Shangau) located in Plateau
  • Shan-Shan located in Plateau
  • Shira (Shirawa) located in Kano
  • Shomo located in Taraba
  • Shuwa located in Adamawa, Borno
  • Sikdi located in Plateau
  • Siri (Sirawa) located in Bauchi
  • Tangale located in Bauchi
  • Tarok located in Plateau, Taraba
  • Teme located in Adamawa
  • Tera (Terawa) located in Bauchi, Bomo
  • Teshena (Teshenawa) located in Kano
  • Tigon located in Adamawa
  • Tikar located in Taraba
  • Tula located in Bauchi
  • Tur located in Adamawa
  • Ufia located in Benue
  • Ukelle located in Cross River
  • Ukwani (Kwale) located in Delta
  • Uncinda located in Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger, Sokoto
  • Uneme (Ineme) located in Edo
  • Ura (Ula) located in Niger
  • Utonkong located in Benue
  • Uyanga located in Cross River
  • Vemgo located in Adamawa
  • Verre located in Adamawa
  • Vommi located in Taraba
  • Wagga located in Adamawa
  • Waja located in Bauchi
  • Waka located in Taraba
  • Warja (Warja) located in Jigawa
  • Warji located in Bauchi
  • Wula located in Adamawa
  • Wurbo located in Adamawa
  • Wurkun located in Taraba
  • Yache located in Cross River
  • Yagba located in Kwara
  • Yakurr (Yako) located in Cross River
  • Yalla located in Benue
  • Yandang located in Taraba
  • Yergan (Yergum) located in Plateau
  • Yott located in Taraba
  • Yumu located in Niger
  • Yungur located in Adamawa
  • Yuom located in Plateau
  • Zabara located in Niger
  • Zaranda located in Bauchi
  • Zarma (Zarmawa) located in Kebbi
  • Zayam (Zeam) located in Bauchi
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