The List Of Top 5 Most Popular Engineering Professional Bodies In Nigeria

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This post will provide information about the list of top 5 most popular Engineering Professional Bodies in Nigeria as well as provide answers to questions like; what are the other Nigerian Engineering Bodies? What are the five professional bodies? What are professional bodies in Engineering? What is difference between NSE and Coren? What are the types of professional bodies?

What is Engineering?

This is a discipline and profession that uses scientific theories, mathematical methods and empirical evidence to invent and establish technological solutions, prevent hazard providing safe human factors that make the environment fit for living. It is divide into various branches such as , Civil engineering, Chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and also have several sub-branches.

Engineering as a Profession

It is a well respected profession in Nigeria and in other countries giving esteem to those who practice it and of great relevance to those who wish to go into the field.When it comes to buildings, construction of roads, installations and various other needs of technology, making of machines and its operations it is important that an engineer is available and involved to make it possible.

List of Top 5 Engineering Professional Bodies in Nigeria

1. Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geo scientists (COMEG)

COMEG means Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geo scientists. This body is in charge of the regulation and practice of mining engineers in the country, been that mining is a lucrative profession in the country as it possesses many mineral resources and their initial proposed name was " Legislation on Council for Registration and Practice of the Earth sciences"this body is charged with the responsibility of prescribing and enforcing standards of experience and practice for professionals in the extraction industry and also have the right to register, regulate and control the practices of engineers in the extractive Industry and all Geo sciences.

2. Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN)

COREN means Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria it is the zenith body in charge of engineering in Nigeria and it was established by the Federal Government of the Country by decree 55 of 1970 and amended by Decree 27 of 1992 which is now the Engineers Registration Act, establishing COREN as the only body to regulate the practice of engineering in all aspects and areas of its practice in the country.This body is also in charge of the training of engineers and also make it mandatory for every engineer, (technologist, Engineering crafts personnel and all Engineering technicians ) to be duly registered under this body.

3. Nigerian Society of Engineers(NSE)

NSE means The Nigerian Society of Engineers is a voluntary organization created by the engineers who decided to come together to form their own union. Though been registered with NSE and COREN is not the same, it is very important to be registered so as to be recognized and also to enjoy the undeniable benefits attached to being a professional member,which may include include international recognition, training and experience and keeping the individual updated of any developments in the profession. it also certifies you fit to apply for corporate membership any other Engineering division without seating for any examination. #4. Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN) APWEN means Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria. It is a division or sub-body under NSE, standing as a body to house the interests of women engineers, that are seeking for more recognition in the society to make them recognized and contribute more to the society and their profession.

5. Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE)

NSChE means Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers. this body was formed for all chemical engineers,it is the licensed umbrella body for all chemical and biochemical engineers in Nigeria and are expected to register all engineers in the field so they can be recognized under a particular professional body.

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