The History and Origin of Ovwian Kingdom

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The History and Origin of Ovwian Kingdom
Ovwian is a town in the Udu Clan, Delta State Southern Nigeria. It is a fast developing area close to Warri city. Its population is over 32,000. Ovwian shares boundaries with Aladja, Ekete, Owhase, Egini, Orhuwhorun and Ujevwu communities. Ovwian is the biggest town in the Udu Local Government area. This article will provide the history and origin of Ovian kingdom, political involvement, religious beliefs, occupation of Ovwian people and lots more.

1. Politics and Government Of Ovwian Kingdom

An elected president rules over the town. The current President General is Chief Hon. Amb. Matthew Uparan and the secretary general is Mr. Duke Okwa, Mr. Abraham Osimini is the immediate past secretary general.

2. Religious Beliefs of Ovwian Kingdom

Although the predominant religion in Ovwian is Christianity, many natives still practice African traditional religion, which has been practiced for thousands of years before the arrival of the Europeans to Africa. This is evident in the several ancestral shrines that can still be seen in Ovwian. A critical appraisal of the belief system of the average Ovwian indigene will reveal a combination of both Christian and pagan learnings.

3. Subdivisions Of Ovwian Kingdom

Ovwian is divided into urban and rural areas. The rural Ovwian has seven quarters namely Ekrimowhe quarter, Uduvwurhie quarter, Uduvwogba(Ozimi) quarter, Uduvwota quarter, Ekrata quarter, Ekregworhor quarter and Uduvweyara quarter.

4. Geography Of Ovwian Kingdom

The Udu River runs through Ovwian before merging into the Warri River.

5. Educationm Level/Activities in Ovwian Kingdom

Ovwian primary school, Etako primary school, Emoghene school, Jesu primary school are public schools located inside the town, while Ovwian secondary school is in the outskirts leading to Ujevwu. Numerous private schools operate there.

6. Occupation of Ovwian People

Most of the people are either steel workers, fishermen, hunters or farmers, businessmen/women or traders. Delta Steel Company has plant facilities located there. The Niger Benue Transport Company Limited (NBTC) operates at the outskirts of Ekrimowho quarter. Ovwian has three major markets: Ovwian Main Market is located in the middle of town. Udu Main Market and Udu Harbour Market are located along Udu Bridge and Road respectively. A private market called Jigbale is owned by the Great Jigbale family.

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