The Cenacle Sisters Monastery, Lagos

Nuelson Penuel Thursday, September 28, 2023 Religions

The Cenacle Sisters Monastery in Lagos, Nigeria is a spiritual oasis in the bustling metropolis of Lagos. Nestled in a serene and tranquil environment, this monastery offers a unique and soulful experience to visitors seeking peace, spiritual growth, and the presence of God. Founded in 1966, the Cenacle Sisters Monastery is a religious organization of Catholic women who live a life of prayer, contemplation, and service. The word "Cenacle" means "upper room," a place where the disciples gathered with Mary after the ascension of Jesus, waiting for the descent of the Holy Spirit. The sisters' life is centered on this experience of waiting, praying, and trusting in God's promise of the Holy Spirit. The monastery's physical structure is a blend of both traditional and modern architecture. The chapel, the spiritual heart of the monastery, is a serene and peaceful space where visitors can find solace in prayer and reflection. Its stained glass windows depict scenes from the life of Jesus, reflecting the sisters' devotion to Christ and their commitment to the spiritual life. The chapel is open to visitors daily, and all are welcome to join in the daily prayers and celebrations of the Eucharist. The Cenacle Sisters Monastery is renowned for its hospitable and peaceful environment, making it a perfect location for retreats. The sisters provide accommodation for individuals, groups, and organizations who wish to spend time in this sacred space and recharge their spiritual batteries. The retreat center offers different types of retreats, from quiet or directed retreats to themed group retreats. During a retreat, visitors have the opportunity to participate in the Sisters' daily prayer life, which includes the celebration of daily masses, liturgy of the hours, the Rosary, and quiet moments of personal meditation. As the name suggests, visitors also have access to the "Cenacle," a space for communal adoration of the Holy Eucharist. During this time, visitors can spend time in quiet contemplation, receiving divine guidance, or seeking answers to questions of the spirit. The Cenacle Sisters Monastery also provides outreach programs to the local communities. The programs include medical missions, educational sponsorships, and aid to individuals in need. These programs reflect the Sisters' commitment to serving others and living out the Gospel values of compassion and social justice. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in these programs and contribute to the Sisters' mission. In conclusion, the Cenacle Sisters Monastery is a haven of peace, prayer, and spiritual growth in the heart of Lagos. The Sisters' life, centered on waiting, trusting, and praying, is a reminder to all who visit that faith and contemplation can be a source of strength and rejuvenation. The retreat center's peaceful ambiance, coupled with the Sisters' hospitality, create an atmosphere that encourages personal transformation and spiritual growth. Visitors leave this monastery transformed and renewed, ready to face the world with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection with God.

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