The Carmelite Monastery, Abuja

Nuelson Penuel Thursday, September 28, 2023 Religions

The Carmelite Monastery situated in Abuja, Nigeria, is a monastery of the Roman Catholic Church known for its contemplative and prayerful way of life. Established in 2001, the Carmelite Monastery in Abuja is a community of nuns who devote their lives to prayer, solitude, and service. The Carmelite Monastery forms part of the wider Order of the Discalced Carmelites, whose roots can be traced back to the 16th century and whose spirituality is based on the contemplative traditions of the Prophet Elijah, the Virgin Mary, and St. John of the Cross. The Carmelites emphasize solitary prayer, silence, and living a life of simplicity, poverty, and detachment from worldly affairs. The monastery's physical structure is a beautiful, serene environment comprising several buildings, gardens, and chapels. A visitor to the Carmelite monastery will first encounter the meditation garden. It is a quiet and peaceful place, with lush vegetation and a walking path to help visitors gather their thoughts before the start of their visit. Visitors to the monastery are allowed to attend Holy Mass or moments of personal prayer. They are encouraged to take advantage of the quiet environment to reflect on their journey and personal spirituality. The sisters welcome anyone seeking spiritual guidance, direction, or a moment of quiet reflection. At the Carmelite Monastery, visitors will observe the nuns engage in their primary objective of prayer and contemplation. Visitors can witness this by attending the evening vespers or joining the nuns in the Holy Eucharist celebration. Visitors that wish to stay for an extended period are welcomed to participate in a retreat program that consists of private meditation, spiritual direction, and lectures on the Carmelite tradition. These programs are charged at a reasonable fee and administered by the nuns. The community of nuns at the Carmelite Monastery lives a simple life, and visitors can enjoy seeing a way of life free from the world's materialistic trappings. The nuns do not watch TV, use the internet, or engage with the outside world. They live a life of prayerful simplicity, promoting a contemplative outlook on life. Visitors can gain inspiration from the devotion and simplicity of the nuns and find insight into their personal faith or life choices. In conclusion, the Carmelite Monastery in Abuja is a sacred and beautiful place of prayer and solitude with an environment that inspires spiritual growth. The silent time spent in the monastery offers visitors an opportunity to reflect on faith, personal spirituality, and the essence of life. The nuns' community's hospitality, austere lifestyle, and reverence for prayer offers a unique insight into a different way of life. A visit to the Carmelite Monastery in Abuja will undoubtedly leave a visitor spiritually enriched and inspired.

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