Real 10 Ways to Reduce Unemployment in Nigeria

Nuelson Penuel Saturday, October 14, 2023 Basis



Unemployment is a significant issue that has plagued Nigeria for many years. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria's unemployment rate stands at 33.3% as of Q4 2020. This high rate of unemployment has not only led to poverty but also increased crime rates and social unrest. To address this issue, here are ten ways to reduce unemployment in Nigeria: 1. Invest in Education: Education is key to reducing unemployment. The Nigerian government needs to invest more in education to reduce the skills gap in the job market. By providing quality education, Nigerians will be more equipped with the necessary skills to compete in the job market. 2. Encourage Entrepreneurship: The government should encourage entrepreneurship to create more jobs. This can be done by providing easier access to loans, creating business parks and incubation centers, and simplifying the business registration process. 3. Increase Access to Capital: Access to capital is a significant challenge for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. The government can reduce this challenge by providing microfinance loans, grants, and tax incentives for small and medium enterprises. 4. Foster Agricultural Development: Agriculture is a significant contributor to the Nigerian economy. The government should invest more in agriculture to create more jobs by providing subsidies, access to capital, and infrastructure. 5. Develop Infrastructure: Developing infrastructure, such as roads, power, and water supply, is essential to reducing unemployment. This can be done through public-private partnership and foreign investment. 6. Improve the Manufacturing Sector: The manufacturing sector has the potential to create more jobs. The government should provide incentives and infrastructure to attract more investment into the sector. 7. Strengthen the Service Sector: The service sector can also contribute significantly to reducing unemployment. The government can improve the sector by providing training and incentives to businesses to create more jobs. 8. Promote Tourism: Nigeria has a vast tourism potential that remains largely undeveloped. The government can promote tourism by investing in infrastructure, promoting local tourism, and encouraging foreign investment. 9. Create Public Works Programs: Public works programs can help create more jobs. The government can create employment opportunities by investing in infrastructure projects such as road construction and rehabilitation. 10. Encourage Foreign Investment: Foreign investment can help create more jobs in Nigeria. The government should encourage foreign investment by creating an enabling environment, reducing bureaucracy, and providing incentives.


Reducing unemployment in Nigeria will require the government and private sector to work together. By investing in education, supporting entrepreneurship, developing infrastructure, strengthening the service and manufacturing sectors, promoting tourism, and creating public works programs, Nigeria can reduce unemployment and boost economic growth.

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