NNPC Salary Grade in Nigeria: How Much Does NNPC Pay Workers

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nnpc salary grade in nigeria
It is no rumour that Oil and Gas companies pays the highest salary in terms of salary companies. NNPC which is an Oil company in Nigeria is one of the companies with the higest salary payment record. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) salary structure just like other top oil companies In Nigeria are among the highest figures in the country. Due to this, it is not surprising why people want to work in the petroleum industry. This article on how much salary the NNPC pay their workers, starting from entry level, interns and even their senior managers. You will also get to know the oil company that pays the highest salary. NNPC is the oil corporation through which the federal government regulates and participates in the country’s petroleum industry. This state-owned oil and gas agency was founded in the year 1977 and its headquarters is located at FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. The current Group Managing Director (GMD) of the NNPC is Mele Kyari. NNPC is not solely on oil exploration activities but it is also involved in the refining, transportation, and marketing of petrochemicals and products from the refineries to domestic markets. Therefore, this requires a high number of staffs working under this organisation. Also, the NNPC gives room for employment of new staff every year, to which they pay monthly salaries. One great thing about working at Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is that this organization is one of the best and gainful places to work for jobseekers. It is said that oil companies salary structure in Nigeria is on the high side, and so, NNPC is not exempted. However, the salaries paid are determined by profession, job specifications, and location.

NNPC Salary Grade

It is important to note that aside from the salaries paid at staff working in NNPC, workers also receive a certain percentage of attractive benefits and bonuses. However, NNPC workers hardly disclose what they are being paid, but, what we know is that apart of board directors and managing directors, petroleum engineers and geoscientists are paid the highest in NNPC. This article will give you an idea into how much staff are paid in NNPC as salary. How much are Interns paid as salary in NNPC Interns in NNPC are the lowest earners as they receive a minimum salary of N18,000 to N30,000 per month. Internship in the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation lasts between 3 months and 2 years. This gives an avenue for learning and training in particular department and fields. Entry level salary in NNPC Entry level NNPC staff earn between the range of N150,000 and N350,000 as monthly salary in Nigeria. After passing through internship, this is the next level allocated to new employees or fresh graduates. This entry level position is usually for workers with little experience. They consist of graduate trainees too. The salary paid to these staff depends on job specification and profession. For instance, engineers and geoscientists are paid more than other professionals at NNPC. Senior Level (Managers) Salary in NNPC Depending on the level, senior staffs in NNPC are paid salaries between N500,000 and N5,000,000 per month. This position is for experienced workers, directors and managers in the organisation. Senior level staff in NNPC enjoy a large bulk of salary paid to them every month. While they begin the chain of top earners at the organization, they take up significant roles in due to their expertise. However, the amount of salary they receive is determined by their position, level of experience, job specification and profession.

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