NCC Approved Unified USSD Codes For All Mobile Networks In Nigeria

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has approved a unified USSD code for all mobile networks in Nigeria, which will take effect from 2023. This means that subscribers of different networks can dial a single USSD code to access various services across all networks. In this article, we will explore the NCC approved unified USSD codes for all mobile networks in Nigeria, the services available, and the benefits they offer to customers.

What is a USSD code?

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code is a communication tool used by mobile network operators to offer various services to their customers. These codes are short, easy-to-remember numbers that provide access to various services such as airtime recharge, subscription to data plans, balance inquiry, and many others.

History of USSD in Nigeria

USSD codes have been used in Nigeria for over a decade. However, each mobile network operator had its unique USSD code for specific services, leading to confusion and inconvenience for customers. The NCC recognized this problem and initiated discussions with the mobile network operators to develop a unified USSD code.

Benefits of the Unified USSD Code

The unified USSD code will offer numerous benefits to customers, including: a. Convenience: With a single USSD code, customers can access various services across different networks, eliminating the need to memorize different codes. b. Time-Saving: Customers can save time by using a single USSD code to access multiple services. This will also reduce the time spent on searching for the appropriate code to use. c. Cost-Effective: The unified USSD code will reduce the cost of accessing various services across networks. Customers will no longer have to pay different charges to access services on different networks. d. Increased Competition: Mobile network operators will be forced to offer better services and incentives to retain their customers since the unified USSD code provides customers with the flexibility to access services across different networks.

Services Available on the Unified USSD Code

Customers can access a wide variety of services using the unified USSD code, including: a. Airtime Recharge: Customers can recharge airtime on their mobile phones using the USSD code. b. Data Subscription: Customers can subscribe to data plans using the same USSD code. c. Balance Inquiry: Customers can check their balance across multiple networks using the unified USSD code. d. Mobile Money Services: Customers can access mobile money services such as money transfer, bills payment, and many others using the same USSD code.

Approved NCC Unified USSD Codes in Nigeria

Below are the approved NCC unified USSD codes for all Nigerian networks
Call Centre: 300
Borrow Services: *303#
Stop Service: *305#
Check Balance: *310#
Credit Recharge: *311#
Data Plan: *312#
Data plan balance: *323#
Share Services: *321#
DND: 2442
Porting services: 3232
NIN Verification and NIN-SIM Linkage: *996#


The NCC approved unified USSD code for all mobile networks in Nigeria is a significant step towards enhancing convenience, efficiency, and cost savings for customers. This code will enable customers to access various services across different networks using a single USSD code. Mobile network operators will also be forced to offer better services to retain their customers. The implementation of the unified USSD code will undoubtedly improve the telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

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