List of Yoruba States in Nigeria

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Yoruba is one of the three major tribes in Nigeria and perhaps, there are numerous people that came from this tribe. Due to its large population, it spread across about nine states out of thirty six (6) states in this country. Moreover, is not only just one of the major tribes, it is also among the most common and popular language spoke in Nigeria as a whole. In this post, I will be sharing with you the list of Yoruba states in Nigeria. 1. Oyo State 2. Ogun State 3. Lagos State 4. Osun State 5. Ondo State 6. Ekiti State Apart from South-Western part of the nation, Yoruba land also comprises of Kwara state. Even in Kogi and Edo state, a number of people that speaks the Yoruba language exist.

1. Oyo State

Oyo state which is located in the southwestern of this nation is the first Yoruba speaking state in Nigeria and it has a slogan that says it is the pace setter state. The main occupation in this state is agriculture. It has 33 LGAs.

2. Ogun State

This state is called home companies in Nigeria. Many industries in Nigeria are cited in this state. It has 20 LGAs and Abeokuta as its capital.

3. Lagos State

This is one of the most busy states in Nigeria and also has many companies as well making it to be the second most industrialized state in this country.

4. Osun State

Is is where Obafemi Awolowo University and Osun-Osogbo Grove, a world heritage site are located. It is located in the south west and home to many Yoruba speaking citizens of this country. It has 30 Local Government Areas and one of the LGAs houses Ile-ife, a very important culture in Yoruba land. According to history, Osun State I believed to be the birthplace of the Yoruba race and where the origin of Yoruba civilization began. Their ancestor, Oduduwa, was the first Ooni of Ife and his descendants established most Yoruba ruling houses we hear of today. Oshogbo is the capital of Osun state.

5. Ondo State

Ondo state is made up of 18 LGAs and is really blessed with many resources. This state is the largest cocoa producing state in Nigeria and also produces timber, oil and other resources. It is known to be a sunshine state and a home to Idanre hill.

6. Ekiti State

It has 16 LGAs and situated at western highland. This state is said to has the highest number of professors in Nigeria and among the first states to have academics. Just like Ondo state, Ekiti is blessed with many natural resources such as granite, kaolin, columbite,iron ore, limestone, gold, gemstone, aquamine, barite, phosphate, etc. It is usually considered and rated as land of honor.

7. Kwara State

Kwara state is occupied by the Yorubas and Fulanis. It is is located in North Central Nigeria and made up of 16 LGAs. Despite the fact that its occupants are both Yorubas and Fulanis, the major ethnic group there still remains the Yoruba. It has a number of industries that serves as source of employment to the citizens and anyone that seek for green pastures there. It is known to be good producer of coffee, palm oil, kolanut, tobacco, cotton and among other crops. Aside agricultural products, it is also known to have mineral resources such as marble, granite and quartz, gold, limestone, feldspar, clay, kaolin.

8. Edo State

Edo state is known to have 18 LGAs and comprises of different languages such as the Edo, Okpe, Akoko Edo, Esan, Etsako, Ora, Ijaw, Igbanke e.t.c. It is one of the oil producing states in Nigeria and it is situated at the South South Geopolitical zone. Aside oil production, agriculture is also a major occupation of the people living in the area.

9. Kogi State

Some parts of this state is occupied by the Yoruba tribe. It is listed among the Yoruba speaking states in this Nigeria. Despite the fact that majority of the indigenes don't communicates in Yoruba language, they are also part of the community that speaks Yoruba in Kogi.

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