List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Lagos State

JEROME MICHAEL EBRUPHIYO Wednesday, July 14, 2021 Science and Nature

Lagos State is an important and prominent state in Nigeria, that enhances the economy and power of Nigeria, in terms of its best living standards and civilization. Lagos state also excels in having the best academic and educational institutions in the country. Another benefit is that many mineral resources are present in this state. Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria where businesses thrive. It is also one of the richest state, having many mineral resources at its disposal. What differentiate Lagos from other states is that most of these mineral deposits have been used for the development of various areas in the state. Recently, crude oil which is one of the few major mineral resources was found within Lagos state, there are also others we shall be discussing in this article. In this post, we will provide all the mineral resources that can be found in Lagos state as well as their locations.

1. Bitumen

List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Lagos State
The first mineral resource that is present in Lagos state is bitumen. Bitumen is mostly used by both construction and manufacturing companies and it is the important element used in making and developing building materials. It can be used in making strong units like roads, runways, footpaths, etc. Bitumen is a rare and very useful mineral that is present in some parts of the world as it is expensive and rare. Most cities and regions in Lagos have enough bitumen. The presence of this solid mineral aids in the economy of Nigeria.

2. Clay

List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Lagos State
The second natural resource which is present in Lagos is clay. Clay is used in making everyday utensils, pots, decorative materials, and tiles. There are vast uses of clay in everyday household and also in building materials. Other states in Nigeria are also having enough of this mineral resource present when extracted. You can find clay in several areas of the state like Ikeja, Epe, Mushin, and Agege.

3. Glass-sand

List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Lagos State
Glass-sand mineral is important because it is one of the rarest minerals efficient in making roads and hard coverings. The use of this mineral ensures that the work of construction companies are carried out effectively. Lagos state has many mines where glass-sand is extracted. You can find glass-sand in cities like Agege, Mushin, and other regions.

4. Oil

List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Lagos State
Oil was recently found in Lagos, making her one of the oil producing states in Nigeria this year. As we know that Nigeria is the biggest supplier of crude oil in Africa. Oil is mostly used as a fuel and has other household functions. Lagos has many cities where oil can be extracted. For example, Ikeja and Epe are just a few regions where oil can be found in Lagos. It is said that “If a state has oil, it indicates the richness of the state. That state can never be poor or dependent on any other. So, Nigeria is lucky enough to have over 9 states that produces oil in commercial quantities.

5. Gas

List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Lagos State
Another important mineral that can be found in this state is gas. As we all know that nowadays Gas is being used in every house and every industry. Gas is mainly used as a fuel for vehicles.


Although, Lagos has what it takes to be ranked among the best states in Nigeria, these natural resources if imported can boost the economy of the state and also attract foreign investors for the growth of the state.

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