List of Courses and Department in Delta State University of Science and Technology , Ozoro

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Delta State University of Science and Technology Ozoro
In this post, am going to share the list of courses and departments in Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro. Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro is one of the three Universities established by the State Governor, Dr. IFEANYI OKOWA. To learn more about the history, check

Available Courses in Delta State University of Science and Technology Ozoro

Faculty of Agriculture

B. Sc. Animal Production B. Agricultural Economics B. Sc. Crop Science B. Sc. Soil Science

Faculty of Administration & Management

B. Sc. Accounting B. Sc. Banking & Finance B. Sc. Business Administration B. Sc. Entrepreneurship B. Sc. Marketing B. Sc. Office & Information Management B. Sc. Public Administration B. Sc. Transport & Marine Management

Faculty of Engineering

B. Eng. Agricultural Engineering B. Eng. Computer Engineering B. Eng. Chemical Engineering B. Eng. Civil and Water Resources Engineering B. Eng. Electrical Engineering B. Eng. Marine Engineering B. Eng. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering B. Eng. Petroleum & Gas Engineering

Faculty of Environmental Science

B. Sc. Architecture B. Sc. Building Technology B. Sc. Environmental Management B. Sc. Estate Management B. A. Fine Arts & Industrial Design B. Sc. Urban & Regional Planning B. Sc. Surveying & Geoinformatics B. Sc. Quantity Surveying

Faculty of Science

B. Sc. Biology B. Sc. Chemistry B. Sc. Marine Science B. Sc. Mathematics & B. Sc. Environmental Management & Toxicology B. Sc. Food Science & Technology B. Sc. Geology B. Sc. Physics B. Sc. Petroleum Chemistry B. Sc. Statistics For the now, these are the faculties and departments available in the school. We will keep on updating the list. For questions concerning the school, drop them on the comment section

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