List Of All Hausa Speaking States In Nigeria

Nuelson Penuel Thursday, June 29, 2023 Basis

Summary Hausa is the Northern part of Nigeria that consists of many states. Hausa people are usually referred to as Northerners. Just like every other languages, Northern part of this country have their own language of communication proudly referred to as Hausa language. In this post, I am going to share with you the complete list of Hausa speaking states in Nigeria The North-Central Nigeria In the North-Central part of Nigeria, the following states speaks Hausa as their dialect. 1. Abuja (FCT) 2. Benue State 3. Kogi State 4. Kwara State 5. Nasarawa State 6. Niger State 7. Plateau State. North-Eastern Nigeria At the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, we have: 1. Adamawa State 2. Bauchi State 3. Borno State 4. Gombe State 5. Taraba State 6. Yobe State North-Western Nigeria In the Northern-Western, we have: 1. Jigawa State 2. Kaduna State 3. Kano State 4. Katsina State 5. Kebbi State 6. Sokoto State 7. Zamfara State. From the list, it can been seen that states that speaks Hausa in Nigeria are mostly located in Northern part of Nigeria.

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