How to Win Beauty Pageantry Show in Nigeria and Qualities of Beauty Pageant Queen

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how do I win beauty pageantry show in Nigeria
You are here because you have a beauty pageant show to attend or you are planning to join the industry. In this post, you will learn how to win a beauty pageantry show in Nigeria and qualities of beauty pageant queen.

What is Pageantry Show?

A pageantry show is a beauty contest where contestants are judged based on their physical beauty, intelligence, talent, and personality. Pageantry shows have been popular in many countries, and there are different types of pageantry shows, such as Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss Nigeria. During a pageantry show, contestants will compete in different categories like swimsuit, evening gown competition, talent, and interview. The contestants will be judged by a panel of judges or the audience, who will determine the winner based on a set of criteria that varies from show to show. Pageantry shows provide a platform for contestants to showcase their skills, talents, and beauty. Winners of pageantry shows often win cash prizes, modeling contracts and go on to become celebrities, role models, and public figures. In Nigeria, pageantry shows are held annually, and they have become a popular entertainment and cultural event. Miss Nigeria is one of the oldest and most prestigious pageantry shows in Nigeria and has produced many beauty queens who have gone on to impact their communities positively.

Different Types of Pageantry Show in the World

There are various types of pageantry shows, each with unique features and characteristics. Here are some examples: 1. Beauty pageants: These are the most popular pageantry shows where contestants are judged based on their physical appearance, intelligence, talent, and personality. Examples include Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss USA. 2. Talent pageants: These pageants focus on the talent and skills of contestants. Contestants perform various acts, such as singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, and are judged based on creativity, originality, and entertainment value. Examples include America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent. 3. Scholarship pageants: These pageants offer scholarships and academic opportunities for contestants based on their academic achievements, community involvement, and leadership skills. Examples include the Miss America Scholarship Program and Miss Black America. 4. Cultural pageants: These pageants celebrate and promote cultural diversity and heritage. Contestants represent their culture or ethnicity and are judged based on their knowledge of culture, language, and traditional practices. Examples include Miss Africa and Miss Asia Pacific International. 5. Fitness pageants: These pageants focus on physical fitness and promote healthy lifestyles and wellness. Contestants participate in various physical challenges and are judged based on their strength and agility. Examples include Miss Fitness America and Miss Bikini International.

Types of Pageantry Show in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are various types of pageantry shows that are popular and widely participated in. Here are some examples: 1. Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN): This is the oldest and most prestigious beauty pageant in Nigeria. It was launched in 1983 and is organized by Silverbird Group. The winner represents Nigeria at the Miss World pageant. 2. Mr. Nigeria: This pageant is organized for male contestants to showcase their looks, style, and personality. The winner represents Nigeria at the Mister World pageant. 3. Face of Nigeria: This pageant focuses on promoting Nigerian culture, fashion, and tourism. Contestants are judged based on their knowledge of Nigerian history and culture, as well as their confidence and runway skills. 4. Nigeria's Next Supermodel: This pageant is organized for aspiring models in Nigeria. Contestants are judged based on their runway skills, modeling talent, and potential for success in the fashion industry. 5. Miss Tourism Nigeria: This pageant promotes tourism in Nigeria by showcasing the country's natural beauty and cultural richness. The winner represents Nigeria at the Miss Tourism International pageant. Overall, these pageantry shows provide a platform for Nigerian youth to showcase their talents, creativity, and beauty, and contribute to the promotion and development of the Nigerian culture and economy.

Advantages of Pageantry Show in Nigeria

Here are some advantages of pageantry shows: 1. Boosts self-confidence: Participating in pageantry shows can help boost the self-confidence of contestants. They learn to carry themselves with grace and poise and develop a strong sense of self-esteem. 2. Provides a platform for talent showcase: Pageantry shows provide a platform for contestants to showcase their skills, talents, and creativity. This can help them build a career in their field of interest or excel in their chosen profession. 3. Enhances communication and networking skills: Pageantry shows require contestants to communicate effectively with judges, organizers, and fellow contestants. This helps them develop their communication and networking skills. 4. Promotes cultural exchange: Pageantry shows feature contestants from different cultural backgrounds and regions, promoting cultural exchange and understanding. 5. Supports charity and social causes: Many pageantry shows are organized to support charitable causes or social issues. Contestants engage in various social initiatives and raise awareness about important issues such as environmental conservation, health, or poverty alleviation. Finally, pageantry shows provide an excellent platform for personal growth, career development, and social impact, creating a positive impact on the lives of contestants and the wider community.

Disadvantages of Pageantry Show

Here are some disadvantages of pageantry shows: 1. Emphasis on physical appearance: Pageantry shows often emphasize physical beauty and perfection, which can create unrealistic beauty standards and body image issues for contestants and viewers. 2. Expensive participation: Participating in pageantry shows can be expensive due to the cost of entry fees, costumes, travel, and grooming. 3. Competitive and stressful environment: Pageantry shows can be highly competitive, which can create stress and anxiety for contestants. This pressure can lead to negative consequences on a contestant's mental and emotional health. 4. Objectification of women: Pageantry shows have been criticized for objectifying women and perpetuating gender stereotypes, defining a woman's worth based on superficial criteria. 5. Limited representation: Pageantry shows have historically been criticized for their lack of diversity and representation of marginalized communities such as people of color, individuals with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Though pageantry shows offer some benefits, they also have drawbacks that need to be addressed to ensure they promote inclusivity, respect, and healthy competition.

Qualities Required of Beauty Queens in Pageantry Show in Nigeria

Beauty pageantry shows in Nigeria are highly competitive and require specific qualities for contestants to succeed. Here are detailed qualities required of beauty queens in pageantry shows in Nigeria: 1. Beauty: Beauty is the primary requirement for a beauty queen in Nigeria. She should have a beautiful face with attractive features, good skin, a fit body, and good grooming habits. The contestant should have a well-rounded look with well-proportioned features. 2. Confidence: A beauty queen should possess a high level of confidence in herself and her abilities. She should be comfortable in her skin, have a positive attitude, and exude self-confidence in public settings. 3. Intelligence: Being intelligent is crucial for a beauty queen as she will be required to answer questions on different topics. She needs to have good general knowledge and be able to articulate her thoughts well. 4. Poise: Poise is an essential quality that beauty queens should possess. It refers to a graceful, composed, and confident manner of carrying oneself. The contestant needs to have good posture, walk confidently, maintain eye contact, and have a relaxed demeanour. 5. Talent: Many beauty pageants in Nigeria have talent competitions. The contestant should have a unique talent that sets her apart from other contestants. Examples include singing, dancing, modelling, public speaking, or any other exceptional skill. 6. Good Communication skills: Being an excellent communicator is essential for a beauty queen. She should have good verbal and non-verbal communication skills, including good vocabulary, pronunciation, and accents. A beauty queen should be able to connect with people and express her views with clarity. 7. Personality: A beauty queen's personality is critical for consideration. She should have a pleasing personality, be a positive role model, with good attitude and values. She should be approachable, friendly, respectful, and have a positive outlook on life. 8. Charisma: Charisma is another essential quality that beauty queens should possess. It refers to the ability to attract, charm, and influence people positively. The contestant should have an authentic presence, be charming, confident, and connect with people.

How to Win Pageantry Show in Nigeria

Winning a pageantry show in Nigeria requires some effort and preparation. Here are some tips that may help: 1. Know the criteria: Familiarize yourself with the criteria that will be used to judge the contestants. This includes factors like poise, personality, confidence, intelligence, and physical appearance. 2. Practice: Practice your walk, posture, and public speaking skills. Practice speaking in front of a mirror and in front of others. This will help build your confidence and overcome any fears. 3. Choose the right wardrobe: Select dresses that flatter your body type and emphasize your best features. Ensure that your wardrobe complements your skin tone, body posture, and event theme. 4. Stay informed: Research on the latest fashion trends and learn about the current issues facing Nigeria. This will help you stay informed, build your knowledge base, and answer questions intelligently. 5. Connect with the community: Reach out to local organizations and charities to show support for the community. Volunteering for community projects can increase your chances of being recognized for your social impact. 6. Be Authentic: Be true to yourself and your values. Judges can often sense when contestants are not authentic and only trying to win. Give them a chance to get to know the real you. 7. Build Relationships: Develop relationships with other contestants, past winners, and mentors. This can help build your network, increase your confidence, and offer you support throughout the journey.


In conclusion, being a beauty queen in Nigeria requires having exceptional qualities such as beauty, intelligence, confidence, poise, talent, good communication skills, personality, and charisma. With these qualities, a beauty queen can stand out in pageantry shows and win the crown. Remember, winning a pageantry show takes more than just good looks. It also takes hard work, dedication, and a genuine desire to serve the community.

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