How To Report A LASTMA Officer: An Essential Guide for Nigerian Road Users

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how to report Lagos State LASTMA


The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) plays a critical role in ensuring traffic flow, order, and safety on the roads of Lagos. While the majority of LASTMA officers carry out their duties diligently and professionally, there might be occasions when you witness or experience misconduct or inappropriate behavior from a LASTMA officer. As responsible citizens, it is essential to know how to report such incidents to ensure accountability and maintain the integrity of traffic management. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to report a LASTMA officer effectively.

1. Observe and Gather Evidence:

If you encounter an incident involving a LASTMA officer that you believe requires reporting, it is crucial to gather as much evidence as possible. This evidence may include details such as the officer's name (if visible on their badge or uniform), badge number, vehicle number, time, date, location, and a detailed account of the incident. Additionally, photographs or videos of the incident can provide valuable supporting evidence to strengthen your case.

2. Maintain Composure and Stay Calm:

Maintaining composure is vital during an incident involving any law enforcement officer, including LASTMA officers. Stay calm, polite, and avoid arguments or any confrontational behavior, as it may escalate the situation further. Remaining composed allows you to focus on reporting the incident accurately and effectively.

3. Contact LASTMA Headquarters:

To report a LASTMA officer, contact the LASTMA headquarters directly. You can reach them through the following methods: a) Phone: Call the LASTMA emergency helpline at 0800-22-55-26-2. This number is available 24/7 and can be used to report any grievances or incidents involving LASTMA officers. b) Email: Send a detailed email to the official LASTMA email address: info@lastma.gov.ng. Include all necessary information regarding the incident and provide any supporting evidence such as photos, videos, or witness statements if available. c) Social Media: If you prefer an alternative platform, LASTMA's social media accounts (Twitter: @followlastma) can be used to report incidents. Direct messages or public tweets can be sent to them with all relevant details.

4. Lodge a Formal Complaint:

After communicating your complaint to LASTMA headquarters, it is advisable to follow up by lodging a formal complaint at the nearest LASTMA zonal office or the LASTMA headquarters. This ensures that your concerns are documented and addressed appropriately. Provide all the relevant information, including your contact details, the details of the officer involved, and a detailed account of the incident.

5. Involve Witnesses:

If there were any witnesses to the incident, encourage them to share their account of what they saw or experienced. Their testimony can provide additional support to your complaint and contribute to a more thorough investigation. Ensure you obtain their contact information, names, and statements in case further clarification is required.

6. Monitor Progress and Follow-up:

To ensure your complaint is properly addressed, ask for a reference or tracking number when reporting the incident. Use this number to follow up with LASTMA directly to check on the progress of your complaint. Remember to remain patient during this process, as investigations and actions may take some time to complete.


Reporting any misconduct by law enforcement officers is an essential step towards promoting a fair and accountable society. It is crucial to approach the reporting process systematically, ensuring you gather evidence, maintain composure, and contact the appropriate channels to report any incidents involving LASTMA officers. By reporting such occurrences, we collectively contribute to the enhancement of LASTMA's integrity and efficacy, fostering an improved traffic management system for the benefit of all road users in Lagos.

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