How to Link Mobile Phone Numbers To NIN

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Linking your mobile phone number to your National Identification Number (NIN) is a crucial requirement mandated by the Nigerian government for all citizens and residents. This process helps to enhance security and streamline communication services. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to link your mobile phone number to your NIN:

Step 1: Obtain your NIN:

If you do not have a NIN, visit the nearest National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) office to enroll and obtain your NIN. You will need to provide relevant documents such as a valid ID card, birth certificate, and proof of address.

Step 2: Update your SIM registration details:

Ensure that your mobile phone number is registered and updated with the correct information. If your mobile number is not registered or needs to be updated, visit your network service provider's outlet to do so.

Step 3: Verify your NIN:

Dial *346# on the mobile phone number you wish to link to your NIN. Follow the instructions to input your NIN and verify the number linked to it.

Step 4: Visit the NIMC website or use the NIMC mobile app:

Alternatively, you can visit the NIMC website (www.nimc.gov.ng) or download the NIMC mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 5: Fill the NIN linking form:

On the NIMC website or mobile app, locate the option to link your NIN to your mobile phone number. Fill out the online form with your personal details, NIN, and the mobile number you wish to link.

Step 6: Submit your application:

After filling out the form, review all the information provided to ensure accuracy. Submit the application, and you will receive a reference number or confirmation message.

Step 7: Wait for confirmation:

Wait for a confirmation message from your network service provider or NIMC regarding the successful linking of your NIN to your mobile phone number. This process may take a few days to complete.

Step 8: Visit the nearest NIMC office (optional):

If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, you can visit the nearest NIMC office for support and verification.

Step 9: Keep a record:

Once your mobile phone number is successfully linked to your NIN, make sure to keep a record of the confirmation message or reference number for future reference.

Wrapping up

Linking your mobile phone number to your NIN is a vital step to comply with government regulations and ensure the security of your personal information. By following these steps and completing the linking process, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication services and stay connected with ease.

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