How to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria

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Sometimes, you might have airtime more than enough in your mobile phone Sim Card due to over recharge or being sent to you by someone that wants to appreciate you for a good deed. However, whichever way or source you accumulated such airtime, you might want to trade or convert it to real cash, thus, the reason for this blog post. In this post, we are going to talk about various ways in which airtime can be converted and transfer to a bank account in Nigeria.

Converting Airtime to Cash in Nigeria via Zoranga

Zoranga is a company that act as a middle man between you and your ISP in order to convert your airtime to cash. It supports all the basic mobile networks in Nigeria such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE. The good thing about this company is its ability to convert the original airtime pin or already loaded airtime to its cash equivalent. To convert airtime to cash using Zoranga, follow the steps below:
  1. Goto Zoranga website on zoranga.com and click Sign Up to create a personal account. After successful creation of an account, log in to your dashboard and click on “Deposit Money” button.
  2. You will be presented with three options which are “Deposit via PIN“, “Zoranga PIN” or “MTN Share n Sell“.
  3. If you have unloaded airtime pin, then select the “Deposit via PIN” option to proceed
  4. If you have loaded the airtime already, select the “MTN Share n Sell” option.
  5. Then, enter your phone number and the amount you want to convert to cash and follow the other instructions. Do ensure confirmation of your number to avoid mistakes
  6. After a successful airtime transfer from your line or recharge pin successfully processed, refresh the page and your payment will reflect on the portal.
  7. Once your deposit is approved, select the “Transfer Money” option and input your bank details(Account number, name etc) to transfer the money into your account It takes approximately 48 hours before you can receive your money.
Notes: Zoranga charge a 20% transfer fee for any airtime to cash conversion you made. In case of any operational error or delay in payment, you can reach out to Zoranga via the following
Zoranga Contact Details
Phone – +234(0) 9075687368
Whatsapp – +234(0) 8067238359
Email – business@zoranga.com

Converting Airtime to Cash in Nigeria via Aimtoget

Aimtoget is another company in Nigeria that help simplified the conversion of airtime to cash. To convert your airtime to cash using Aimtoget, follow these steps:
  1. Download aimtoget mobile app or visit their website on aimtoget.com to create a personal account
  2. Click on “Fund wallet” and select airtime option. Choose your mobile network, enter your phone number and the amount you’re transferring.
  3. The next screen will show you the phone number to send the airtime to Calmly make sure that you input the number correctly to avoid mistakes as none will be reverted. Transfer the airtime to the phone number given to you and confirm the transfer. Then wait at least 5mins for your aimtoget wallet to be funded.
  4. Go to “Withdraw” and input your bank details and the amount you want to withdraw to proceed with the payment or select a bank if you’ve already saved bank details.
Note: Aimtoget charge N89 for every funds transfer from your wallet to your bank account. In case of any operational error or delay in payment, you can reach out to Aimtoget via the following
Phone – +234(0) 8149004610
Email – support@aimtoget.com


This post is only provided for educational purposes. We have no affiliation with these companies neither are we going to get a commission for any of transactions with them. We therefore highly recommend that you take extreme precautions before carrying out this processes.

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