How to Become that Better Husband Your Wife Needs

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Introduction Marriage is a journey of life that never ends until we take a bow. It is filled with responsibilities that are beyond Humans' imagination. No one can ever understand marriage. You only know the its part that it revealed to you. Marriage can be the best thing that ever happened to you and same time the worst nightmare you will ever have it all depends on the side of the coin that shows while it is been tossed. Furthermore, as a man the moment you accept to take a woman as your wife via legal marriage is the moment you have chosen to take the responsibility of a real man. Because, marriage is meant for men with wisdom and understanding, men who are able to tolerate no matter the insults. In this post, you will learn some important tips on how to become a better husband to your wife in order to make your home honey.

Who is a Good Husband

A better husband is that man who despite all challenges that are in marriage still love, care, respect, adore, cherish, value, trust and treasure his wife not because he doesn't know how to take drastic actions, but actually wants to avoid a broken home and also to prove that he is a man that worth emulating in marriage affairs (Otekpo Emmanuel, 2022).

What are the Characteristics of a Good Husband

Before a man can be considered a good husband, there are some qualities that he must have that makes him outstanding to others. What are these qualities? 1. Open minded A good husband is always ready to share any feeling that is eating him up. He will never hide anything from his partner as he sees themselves as one. He is always ready to let his wife know secrets that he will not even tell to his closet friend. 2. Caring A good husband must show care for his wife. He will never want his wife to lack anything within his capacity. He is ready to put extra effort to meet up with the responsibilities of the house. He shows kindness and compassion at all times. 3. Trustworthy A good husband must be trusted by his wife. He will exhibit attitudes that will make the woman feel saved and secured in his home. No matter the rumors that is circulated about the man, if the man says is a false rumor, the wife will believe him because of the trust she has for the man. 4. Put the Marriage as a Priority A good husband values nothing more than his marriage. He will treasure the marriage above all things such as work, properties, game e.t.c 5. Tolerant A husband that is good must have the habit of tolerating all the nonsense that he may faced as a married man. He will always overlooked some bad attitudes that the wife might display at all times. 6. Able to Compromise The ability to compromise in marriage challenges makes a man to be classified as a good husband. Compromise simply means having an agreement over an issue causing disputes between you and your wife. 7. Must have Sense of Loyalty Among the characteristics that qualifies a good husband, loyalty is one of the key. A loyal husband is always faithful to his wife in all areas. A loyal husband always take advise from his wife in cases that is beyond him and also seek opinion of his wife before taking some decisions he thinks may not go well.

Can I Still Change to a Better Husband

Becoming a better husband is not as easy as it sounds but the road to it is very clear and only required simple things. All you have to do is practice the above characters and steps elaborated below.

How to Become A Better Husband

Coming this far means you are ready to follow the path of becoming the best husband to your wife. With God and the following few points of mine you will. 1. Feelings Expression As a man of the house, you have the right to express your feelings to the fullest. But am telling you be cautious mostly when you are angry cause is not all offense you have to pick as a man. Do remember that a fault finder also have his own fault. Also, learn how to make your wife understand where she's going wrong, what improvement you need her to work on and so forth. 2. Self Control This is a very important character needed by every good husband. You must learn how to control your anger, voice, hand e.t.c no matter how angry you are, never raise your hand on your wife. What makes you a man is that habit of overcoming the temptation of hitting your wife during quarrel. 3. Exercise Patient There are times a man will give money to his wife to prepare food, but due to one reason or the other, your wife failed to prepare the food on time and maybe you are very hungry at that moment. In this case rather than shouting and vibrating, be patient or better still, you assist her in the kitchen and after meal you may asked why she didn't prepare the food on time. What you might hear will be honey am sorry it was as a result of this and that. But had it been you started a fight, you won't know the reason and the food you won't eat again. 4. Always Appreciate Your Wife You married the woman as a wife not as a slave. If your wife is working hard, always appreciate her. Infact, appreciate her at all times cos the children alone she's bearing for you is a great work. If only you are given the chance to carry pregnancy for 9 months, you will always see your wife as a rare gem. The food she is cooking alone also warrants you to appreciate her. Women are trying mostly the part of breast feeding the children. So always appreciate your wife. 5. Be a Joke Cracker and Story Teller A home is more lively when there is joy and humility. And a happy home with moderate life style is better than a wealthy home without happiness. Telling jokes and stories at every leisure time you have with your wife is very important because it makes both of you to be in harmony and unity and also make your wife to be missing you when you are away. 6. Make Provision for Her Needs Even why you spend, always put the needs of your wife in your budget. Learn to provide whatever she demands for that is within your reach and if you can't at the moment, politely tell her that honey, I know you need this but kindly give me sometime and you will have it. 7. Shower Her With Gifts Nothing entice women than gifts. You might not be the richest man but you can still buy gift that is within your capacity and she will appreciate it more than you imagine. It will also makes her to know that my husband is thinking of me wherever he is. 8. Have Confidence in Yourself Confidence matters alot in your marriage. Believe in yourself that you can make your marriage to work out and become the best of marriage that ever exist on earth. Do not loose hope on your marriage neither give up on trying to make it work. Have the confidence that everything will be okay at the right time. 9. Go Out on a Date With Your Wife Most men think because they have married the woman, there is no need of taking her out for a date. But this is a wrong thought. Taking your wife out for a date help to strengthen the union and keep the memory of the past times you had before getting married. It will makes the unity to grow stronger than you thought. 10. Always Try to Be Honest Honesty is really hard to practice but is very good if you can and before you know it, it will become part of you. It makes you earned trust of your wife and also help you live a life of clear conscience. Honesty will go a long way solving issues that may escalate as a result of telling lies. 11. Learn to Say Sorry When You are Wrong A good husband will always say sorry when he is wrong. The word sorry may look so easy to you but I tell you it is one word that can end a long time misunderstanding. Many men out of pride never like to use the word sorry because they feel they are the head of the house. Learn to say sorry and you will see how your home will swim in joy and unity. 12. Always Respect Your Wife's Opinion Marriage involved two perons from different background, raised up with different ethics, different custom practitioners as well as different believes and norms (Otekpo Emmanuel, 2022). It will takes understanding for them to live peacefully and disastrous when one tried to over lead. Therefore, always Respect your wife's opinion mostly when it is meaningful. 13. Understand Your Wife's Mood There is no prove that someone must be in happy mood all the time. So if you see your wife in a mood that you think might get her harsh at you for any utterances you make, then is better you let her be till she is back to herself.

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