How much does Zenith Bank pay their Staff monthly 2021?

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How much does Zenith Bank pay their Staff monthly 2021?
In every work setting, money is always a motivation. A recent study reveals that well-paid workers will almost always do better and be more productive than their under-paid and disgruntled counterparts. Zenith Bank is one of the oldest and most stable banks in Nigeria. It has been operational for decades, and it has branches in several locations across Nigeria, Africa and North America. Asides from being a customer-friendly bank with user-friendly products and personalized services, Zenith bank also has a good name amongst its employees. These days, almost every fresh banking graduate and/or aspiring banker desires to work with Zenith bank due to their stability, values, and culture of excellence, and also because they pay their workers relatively well. Considering the Nigerian banking sector, this article seeks to uncover How much Zenith bank pay their staff monthly? how their employees are ranked, and how much they are paid every month.

1. Graduate Trainees:

The lowest level on the hierarchy is usually the level of being a Graduate Trainee. At Zenith bank, graduate trainees earn around 42,000 naira per month. After the training has been completed and the tests have been passed, the individual’s status may be upgraded to be an entry-level staff.

2. Entry-level staffs:

Generally, Zenith bank’s salary for entry-level staffs is among the highest of all the banks in Nigeria. The basic entry-level salary for Zenith Bank staffs is between 108,000 and 110,000 naira, depending on the employee’s department within the bank. This is also expected to increase as one stays longer in the system, makes impact and further climbs up the ladder of leadership and relevance within the organization. Asides the basic salary, entry-level staffs are also entitled to quite a number of benefits.

3. Customer service officers

Zenith bank customer care officers are paid an average of 100,000 naira per month.

4. Marketers

Zenith bank marketers earn between 145,000 and 155,000 naira every month.

5. Executive Assistants

Executive assistants earn between 150,000 and 180,000 naira monthly, depending on the location of and department within the bank.

6. Banking Officers

These fellows earn between 390,000 and 420,000 naira per month.

7. Loan Officers

Among those who have risen through the ranks and made positive contribution to the growth and progress of the bank through consistent sacrifice and unflinching commitment over a period of time is a cadre of persons known as Loan Officers. These guys earn up to 510,000 naira per month.

8. Credit Analysts

Credit analysts are among the top earners. Their monthly wage is around 575,000 naira.

9. Relationship managers

A relationship manager occupies a very sensitive position of responsibility within the Zenith bank structure. Under normal circumstances, relationship managers earn between 560,000 and 600,000 naira per month.

10. Branch Managers

Branch managers are the bosses at the branch level and they are also the highest earners at the branch level. Their monthly take-home pay is around 700,000 naira, excluding moutn-watering benefits and occasional slices of company profits.

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