History of Nigerian Nigerian Flag and Its Facts

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Origin of Nigerian Flag

The Nigerian flag is used to symbolize the national identity and also represent authority, supremacy and independence. The Nigerian flag was sketched during a contest by a 23 years old young scholar named Taiwo Akinkunmi in the year 1959. In the year 1960 the flag became a symbol of independence to Nigeria since her freedom from the United Kingdom. The Nigerian flag was initially mapped out with a white vertical stripe containing a red radiating sun badge at the center alongside green vertical bands on both sides. Although judges had a bone of contention over the exclusion of the badge from the national flag but no changes was made since it was conformed in 1959. In this post, you will learn about the history of Nigerian Flag, basic facts about the flag, meaning of Nigerian flag colors and the size and dimensions of the flag.

How Many Colors Does Nigerian Flag Have

The Nigerian flag is made up of two colours namely; Green and White. The white stands for peace while the green is a symbol of natural wealth.

Size and Dimensions of Nigerian Flag

A large Nigerian flag should be 1.2m wide and 2.4m long, medium Nigerian flag should be 0.9m x 1.8m and a small Nigerian flag should be 0.6m x 1.2m.

Facts About Nigerian Flag

The uniqueness and outstanding fact about Nigerian flag are; 1. The Nigerian flag was formally hovered on the first of October 1960, when Nigeria gained her independence. 2. The Nigerian flag symbolizes the national power, identity and supremacy. The Nigerian flag pictures the history, goals and aspiration of the people. 3. To show a sign of utmost respect for the Nigerian flag, no other emblem should be placed higher than it. 4. The flag is accompanied by a ceremony at 6:00am and brought down following the same process at 6:00pm whenever it is hoisted. 5. The law governing the use of the national flag( the Nigerian coat of arms and the flag ordinance of 1960) have made it a crime to fly the flag unruly.

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