Facebook Hack:New Tricks and Preventions

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Of recent, Facebook hack or Facebook account security has been trending as hackers have devised means for hacking facebook account why users asking how to secure Facebook account or how to fixed Facebook hacked account. Internet fraudster have been hunting for Facebook account that have been in existence for some years, have many friends, pages or groups engagement. Why they are targeting these set of Facebook accounts is simple. They Know that Facebook trust any account that have been in existence for a long period of time or have many engagement and would never track their activities unless a great havoc is been caused by such account. So, how would they get to taking over your Facebook account? That is why you are here and am going to outline each of the steps in a gradual process and how you can avoid falling victim of new facebook hack tricks Please if you know you already have these ideas, feel free to add more via the comment's box if you have new ideas.
Things You Will Learn
What is Facebook Account Importance of My Facebook Account Who Are Hackers Does Hackers Care About My Facebook Account Means of Hacking Facebook Account How to Secure My Facebook Account

What is Facebook Account

Before we move further, you should know what Facebook account is. A Facebook account or profile as the name implies is a personal account created by you for the purpose of making new friends, connecting to old friends, staying in touch with your family and friends, sharing personal photos, videos, information e.t.c just to mention but a few.

Importance of My Facebook Account

I would advise you to take your Facebook account as important as your bank account. Just as you will not like to expose your ATM card details to anyone so should your Facebook account because the moment you revealed your Facebook account security details, hackers utilize it to counter attack on your account and will deny you access to your account forever by changing password and recovery means unless you follow some strict measures. Also, take your Facebook account as one of the most valuable commodities in your life because when a fraudster successfully get access to your account, he or she will start dubbing your friends, families, and even the pages and groups you have engagement with. And this can lead you to arrest for what you knows nothing about.

Who Are Hackers

These are set of people that do not value sleep or rest because they always try as much as possible to get what they want without your prior conscent or approval.
New Facebook Hack Tricks
In aspect of Facebook hacking, they try as much as possible to combine or guess series of password that can be tried on your account to see if it can open or not and trust me they will Never rest if really your Facebook account is very important to them. They do this for their own selfishness!
Does Hackers Care About My Facebook Account
The short answer is Yes! Read on and see why. You might be wondering who am I that hackers would ever want to hack into my account. Hahaha, for you to know that you are somebody, just try and give out your Facebook account to any fraudster closed to you, grab a cup of coffee, sit and watch the fraudster just for 10 minutes then you will know what you meant to fraudster. Perhaps, Facebook fraudster don't really need you in person. What they need is your profile picture, your name and other details that will make anyone on your friends list believe that you are the one they are chatting with. So do not underestimate hackers.
Means of Hacking Facebook Account
Phishing: This is the most dangerous means of Facebook hacking! Many people have fall into this trap knowingly or unknowingly.
New Facebook Hack Tricks
Phishing is a technique whereby the hacker will create a login page that looks exactly like that of Facebook's login page. In this technique, the hacker have a database store your login details if you fall victim. Once you run into this trap, the hacker will head straight to Facebook site and login with your details if really successful, the hacker will change your password and phone number, email in fact any means the hacker knows that you can use to recover the account will be altered to his own details. ===> How Did Hackers Carry Out This Operation Hackers have devise means of launching this attack; =>1. Email: The hacker will send an email looking so appealing to you and will now trigger you to click on the attached link. The message might be in different forms depending on the one the hacker found best to use. Example of these messages are:
1. Dear Sam, we are delighted to inform you that you have been selected as one of our marketers Nationwide. Note: discard any mails requesting payment from you cos we give our employment free. Click the link below to log in and complete your KYC. Lesson: if you look at this mail, it looks so real. Don't click links 2. A suspicious login attempt was made on your Facebook account, click here to review your account details. Lesson: If you eventually click on the attached link, the hacker will now take you to the phished login page just to extract your login details. Note; some hackers will go in depth to know more about you and send you messages in accordance to your field. Here is what I received of recent; 3. Dear Emmason, we have really noticed your impact on Information Technology and here to inform you that you have been grouped among Nigerian most valuable site developers. Click here to know more details. Trust me, I clicked cos I was really marveled by the applaud but only for me to discover that they are requesting for my Facebook login details and I quit.

=>2. SMS Some hackers will send an SMS to your phone with appealing message containing the phished link and asked you to click. Please don't =>3. USSD Code This, though not common is one of the highest technique hackers used to trigger you into revealing your Facebook account log in details. The hacker will send you an SMS and ask you to dial the USSD code attached with the message to join the Facebook lucky winners. Initially if you dial this code, you will receive a prompt message asking you to enter i. The phone number used for opening Facebook account, ii. Facebook password iii. In order not to make it look suspicious, they will display list of available goodies to be won and will ask you to enter between 1 to 4 for you to know your bounty. When you do this, you will receive USSD running string for more than 2 minutes the next thing 'Oops, an error occurred!" Hahaha uraaaayyy. You have revealed your login details to aka hacker. ==>4. Phone Charging: This one is common and easily practiced every day by local hackers. Only plug your your phone at trusted person's house or charging spot. In this technique, they will try and open your Facebook app or through browser then collect sensitive details that could help them to hack your Facebook account. Do not think that because you lock your phone, is protected. Hackers can try your pin or pattern lock in different forms until it opens or the phone request for Gmail account, then they will try and figure out your Gmail account then try as much as possible to bypass your Gmail password.
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==>5. Friends and Families Yes, these people are the worst that you can ever suspect. Some hackers will pay huge amount of money to anyone they know that is closed to you and asked him or her to get your login details. Do not doubt this, my sister fell a victim of this technique. ==>6. Shoulder surfing: Hmmm, this is the most tricky technique and even worst than the phishing.
New Facebook Hack Tricks
Cos in phishing, the hacker can only succeed if you click the links and enter login details. But in this, reverse is the case. The hacker will just have to stand behind you in such a way that you won't notice if he/she is watching you. He/she will then fixed his/hers on you as you enter your login details. How to Secure My Facebook Account Securing your Facebook account is easy since you have known most of the basic steps used by hackers to gain access to your account. Avoid them and your Facebook account will be safe. There are many other means though but will be added on update basis. So always monitor this post for updates. Conclusion Do not trust anyone, do no click untrusted links, do not reveal your Facebook account password to any one no matter what, do not share phone, never you enter your Facebook account password in public places. If your Facebook account is been hacked, we can help you recover it if the hacker has not gone far. But if he does, don't worry we can freeze the account. This service is free! Please comment and share

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Guest1972211261234 Sunday, May 17, 2020
My facebook account hack ho Gaya hai

Ferdinand Chukwutem > Sunday, May 17, 2020
So sorry, kindly provide your full Facebook account name and year you created it. Would you like it recovered or terminate?
Admin > Monday, May 18, 2020

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Nice one

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