Comprehensive List of Oil Producing States in Nigeria

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Overview of Oil Producing States in Nigeria

Oil-producing states in Nigeria are regions within the country that have significant reserves of crude oil and natural gas. These states play a crucial role in Nigeria's economy as they contribute to the country's oil production, export earnings, and overall revenue generation. The primary region known for oil production in Nigeria is the Niger Delta, located in the southern part of the country. The Niger Delta is a vast network of creeks, swamps, and rivers that covers various states, including Akwa Ibom, Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross River, and Edo. These states are rich in oil and gas resources and have been the focus of oil exploration and production activities for decades. Each of these oil-producing states has multiple oil fields and facilities operated by both multinational oil companies and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). These oil fields vary in size and production capacity, with some being large-scale operations and others considered marginal fields. The major international oil companies operating in these states include Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Total. These companies have made significant investments in infrastructure, drilling platforms, pipelines, and refineries to extract, process, and transport oil and gas resources from these states. The oil-producing states have experienced both positive and negative impacts from their oil wealth. On the positive side, oil production has created employment opportunities, stimulated economic growth, and improved infrastructure development in these regions. Oil revenue has been used to fund various developmental projects, such as building schools, hospitals, roads, and other essential facilities. However, these states also face significant challenges related to oil production. Environmental degradation, pollution of waterways, and the disruption of livelihoods for local communities are some of the negative consequences of the oil industry. These challenges have led to unrest, conflicts, and demands for better compensation and environmental protection measures from affected communities. Here is a detailed list of oil-producing states in Nigeria:

1. Akwa Ibom State

Located in the South-South region of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom is one of the major oil-producing states in the country. It is home to some of Nigeria's largest oil fields, including the Qua Iboe and Ekat fields. Akwa Ibom contributes significantly to Nigeria's oil production, with major multinational oil companies such as ExxonMobil and Total operating in the state. The state's economy heavily depends on oil revenues, and it is known for its robust oil and gas industry.

2. Delta State

Delta is another prominent oil-producing state situated in the Niger Delta region. It has a rich deposit of crude oil and natural gas, making it a vital contributor to Nigeria's oil sector. The state has numerous oil facilities, including the Warri Refinery, the largest refinery in Nigeria, owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Oil companies like Shell, Chevron, and NNPC have substantial operations and investments in Delta state.

3. Rivers State

Rivers state is widely recognized as the oil hub of Nigeria. It is strategically located in the Niger Delta region and has abundant oil reserves. Port Harcourt, the state capital, serves as the center of Nigeria's oil and gas industry, hosting numerous oil companies, refineries, and petrochemical plants. The state is home to the Port Harcourt Refinery, the first refinery built in Nigeria, with several multinational oil companies like Shell, Total, and NNPC having a significant presence in the area.

4. Bayelsa State

Situated in the heart of the Niger Delta region, Bayelsa state is known for its immense oil and gas resources. It is home to several oil fields, including the Oloibiri oil field, which marked Nigeria's first commercial oil discovery in 1956. Bayelsa is one of the leading oil-producing states and has attracted the presence of major oil companies such as Chevron and Shell. The state heavily relies on oil revenues for economic development.

5. Cross River State

Cross River state is an oil-producing state located in the South-South region of Nigeria. While it does not have as many oil fields as some of the other states in the Niger Delta, it boasts considerable potential for oil exploration and production. The state shares borders with the Atlantic Ocean, making it a strategic location for offshore oil activities. Cross River is home to the Odukpani oil field and has attracted some oil companies to its shores.

6. Edo State

Edo state, located in the Niger Delta region, is considered one of the oil-producing states in Nigeria. It has sizeable oil reserves, including the Ologbo oil field and Ossiomo gas plant. Edo state has witnessed significant investments in oil and gas exploration and production, attracting multinational oil companies like Seplat and Oriental Energy Resources.

7. Imo State

Imo state, located in the southeastern part of Nigeria, is another oil-producing state. It hosts oil fields such as Assa North-Ohaji South and Mbaise, contributing to Nigeria's oil production. Imo has attracted investments in oil and gas exploration, and companies like Addax Petroleum operate in the state.

8. Ondo State

Ondo state, situated in the South-West region of Nigeria, is known for its oil and gas resources. The state hosts oil fields such as the Aje field, which is one of the major offshore oil fields in Nigeria. Ondo contributes to Nigeria's oil production and has attracted the presence of companies like Chevron and Shell.

9. Abia State

Abia state, located in the South-East region, is recognized as an oil-producing state in Nigeria. It has oil reserves, including the Uturu Marginal field and other minor fields. While not as prominent as some of the other states, Abia's oil industry plays a role in Nigeria's overall production.

10. Lagos State

Lagos state, the commercial and economic center of Nigeria, is not traditionally known for oil production. However, it has limited offshore oil fields in the Atlantic Oc ean. These fields, though relatively small, make Lagos a minor oil-producing state in Nigeria.


Nigeria has several oil-producing states, primarily concentrated in the Niger Delta region. States like Akwa Ibom, Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa, Cross River, and Edo are the major contributors to Nigeria's oil production, while states like Imo, Ondo, Abia, and Lagos also have smaller oil reserves. These states play a crucial role in Nigeria's economy, with oil revenues serving as a significant source of national income and development.

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