Comprehensive List of Highlands in Nigeria and Locations

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list of Highlands in Nigeria


Nigeria, often referred to as the "Giant of Africa," is blessed with diverse geographical features, including stunning highlands that showcase the country's natural beauty. These picturesque elevated areas, characterized by their rolling hills, deep valleys, and breathtaking panoramic views, offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the tranquility and splendor of Nigeria's landscape. In this blog post, we will embark on a journey to explore the alluring highlands of Nigeria, delving into their locations and unveiling the unique characteristics that make them truly captivating.

1. Mambilla Plateau:

Located in Taraba State, the Mambilla Plateau is a mesmerizing highland known for its salubrious climate, panoramic views, and abundant natural resources. Situated at an altitude of about 1,830 meters (6,000 feet) above sea level, the plateau boasts lush green landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and undulating hills that create a captivating scenic beauty. Visitors can explore attractions like the Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Lake Ndibe, and traditional villages to experience the rich cultural heritage of the region.

2. Jos Plateau:

The Jos Plateau, located in Plateau State, is renowned for its moderate climate, captivating scenery, and unique rock formations. Situated at an average elevation of around 1,200 meters (3,900 feet) above sea level, the plateau offers stunning views of undulating hills, deep valleys, and picturesque waterfalls. Visitors can explore attractions such as the Shere Hills, Pandam Game Reserve, and Jos Wildlife Park, where they can experience the diverse flora and fauna of the region.

3. Obudu Plateau:

The Obudu Plateau, situated in Cross River State, is a hidden gem nestled in the lush greenery of the southeastern part of Nigeria. At an altitude of approximately 1,577 meters (5,174 feet) above sea level, the plateau offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. It is famous for the popular tourist destination, Obudu Mountain Resort, which features a cable car ride, a natural swimming pool, and a canopy walkway, making it an ideal getaway for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

4. Biu Plateau:

The Biu Plateau, located in Borno State, is a hidden gem that showcases the natural beauty of northeastern Nigeria. The plateau sits at an elevation of approximately 1,115 meters (3,658 feet) above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. It is characterized by its undulating hills, green vegetation, and cool climate, making it an ideal retreat from the heat and bustle of nearby towns and cities.

5. Pankshin Plateau:

Situated in Plateau State, the Pankshin Plateau is known for its picturesque landscapes and serene atmosphere. Nestled at an altitude of around 1,220 meters (4,000 feet) above sea level, it boasts rolling hills, vast plains, and crystal-clear streams. The plateau is an agricultural hub, adorned with tea plantations, lush farmlands, and scenic beauty that attracts visitors seeking tranquility and a respite from urban life.

6. Nkarasi Highlands:

Located in Abia State, the Nkarasi Highlands offer a refreshing escape from the lowlands. This beautiful highland area is characterized by its rolling hills, deep valleys, and stunning views. The fertile soil of the Nkarasi Highlands supports lush vegetation, making it an agricultural hotspot producing crops like cocoa, palm produce, and vegetables. The scenic beauty and cool breeze of the highlands make it a delightful destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

7. Jos-Bukuru Metropolis:

The Jos-Bukuru metropolis, situated in Plateau State, encompasses a vast highland area with breathtaking scenery and a rich cultural heritage. Known for its cool climate and captivating landscapes, it offers a blend of bustling urban life and serene natural beauty. Visitors can explore attractions like the Jos Wildlife Park, Kurra Falls, and the National Museum in Jos, which showcases the cultural heritage of the diverse ethnic groups in the region.

8. Shere Hills:

Located in Plateau State, the Shere Hills are a range of hills that offer stunning panoramic views and captivating natural landscapes. Rising up to an altitude of approximately 1,829 meters (6,000 feet) above sea level, these hills provide visitors with a breathtaking vantage point to admire the surrounding beauty. The hills are renowned for their unique rock formations, which add to the scenic allure. Exploring the Shere Hills allows visitors to connect with nature, enjoy hiking trails, and witness mesmerizing sunsets.

9. Kambari Hills:

The Kambari Hills, situated in Zamfara State, Nigeria, are an often-overlooked treasure of natural beauty. Known for their rugged terrain, unique rock formations, and rich biodiversity, these hills provide an unforgettable experience for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. The Kambari Hills offer opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and wildlife spotting, as they are home to a variety of animals and plants found in the region.


Nigeria's highlands are a testament to the country's stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes. From the serene Mambilla Plateau with its lush greenery to the captivating Jos Plateau with its unique rock formations, and the enchanting Obudu Plateau with its panoramic views, each highland offers visitors a chance to escape into a world of tranquility and awe-inspiring beauty. Whether it's exploring the lush landscapes, trekking through the rolling hills, or immersing oneself in the rich cultural heritage of the surrounding regions, Nigeria's highlands provide a truly unique and captivating experience for all those seeking to connect with nature's wonders.

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