Comprehensive List of 15 Major Functional Seaports in Nigeria

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major functional seaports in Nigeria


Nigeria is blessed with several functional seaports that play a vital role in the country's economy. These seaports serve as crucial gateways for international trade, facilitating the movement of goods, raw materials, and commodities in and out of the country. Here is a detailed description of some of the major functional seaports in Nigeria, their locations, and functions:

1. Lagos Port Complex, Apapa

Located in Apapa, Lagos State, the Lagos Port Complex is the largest and busiest seaport in Nigeria. It consists of several terminals, including the Apapa Bulk Terminal, Apapa Ro-Ro Terminal, Lilypond Terminal, and the Tin Can Island Port Terminal. This port complex handles a wide range of cargo types, such as containers, petroleum products, dry bulk, and general cargo.

2. Tin Can Island Port Complex, Lagos

Situated adjacent to the Lagos Port Complex in Apapa, the Tin Can Island Port Complex is another major seaport in Lagos. It comprises the Tin Can Island Container Terminal, Port and Cargo Handling Services, and Flour Mills Jetty. The port handles containerized cargo, petroleum products, and general cargo.

3. Onne Port Complex, Rivers State

Located in Onne, Rivers State, the Onne Port Complex is a significant seaport in the Niger Delta region. It encompasses various terminals, including the Federal Lighter Terminal, Federal Ocean Terminal, Intels Terminal, and the Onne Container Terminal. This port specializes in handling oil and gas-related cargoes, such as drilling equipment, pipes, and project cargo.

4. Rivers Port Complex (Port Harcourt Port), Rivers State

Situated in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the Rivers Port Complex is one of Nigeria's oldest seaports. It consists of the Federal Theological Seminary Jetty and the Dockyard Jetty. The port handles a variety of cargoes, including containers, general cargo, and petroleum products.

5. Calabar Port Complex, Cross River State

Located in Calabar, Cross River State, the Calabar Port Complex is situated along the Calabar River, close to the Atlantic Ocean. It includes the Calabar Pilotage District, the Bar Beach Jetty, and the Tinapa Jetty. This port primarily handles containers, general cargo, and petroleum products.

6. Delta Port Complex (Warri Port), Delta State

Situated in Warri, Delta State, the Delta Port Complex is an important seaport in the Niger Delta region. It consists of the Delta Port, the Koko Port, and the Warri Refinery Jetty. The port handles containerized cargo, petroleum products, and general cargo.

7. Port Harcourt Dockyard Jetty, Rivers State

Located within the Port Harcourt Port, the Dockyard Jetty serves as an important facility for ship repair and maintenance. It supports the activities of the oil and gas industry by providing repairs, fabrication, and other related services.

8. Escravos Port, Delta State

Located in the Escravos River in Delta State, Escravos Port is an important seaport primarily serving the oil and gas industry. It handles the export of crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas liquids.

9. Bonny Port, Rivers State

Situated on Bonny Island in Rivers State, Bonny Port serves as a major export terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG). It plays a crucial role in Nigeria's LNG industry, facilitating the export of LNG and related products.

10. Krarkrama Port, Rivers State

Located in a suburb of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Krarkrama Port is a major seaport primarily used for the shipment of petroleum products. It is a key hub for the oil and gas industry in the region.

11. Warri Jetty, Delta State

Warri Jetty is a vital facility for the transportation of petroleum products. Located in Warri, Delta State, it serves as a hub for the south-western region and is used for the bunkering and distribution of petroleum products.

12. Ibaka Deep Seaport, Akwa Ibom State

Currently under construction, Ibaka Deep Seaport in Akwa Ibom State is set to become one of the largest and most modern ports in Nigeria. Once completed, it will facilitate the export of goods and provide a strategic location for international trade.

13. Lekki Port, Lagos State

Lekki Port is a modern deep-sea port currently under construction in Lagos State. It is designed to accommodate large vessels and will serve as a major gateway for containerized cargo, petroleum products, and general cargo.

14. Ogidigben Gas Revolution Industrial Park (GRIP) Port, Delta State

The Ogidigben GRIP Port is part of the Gas Revolution Industrial Park project in Delta State. It will support the rapid industrialization of the area and cater to the export of oil and gas-related products.

15. Apapa Iganmu Port, Lagos State

Located within the Apapa area in Lagos State, the Apapa Iganmu Port is primarily used for the export of petroleum products, particularly refined petroleum.


These functional seaports in Nigeria are strategic hubs for international trade, attracting shipping companies, cargo owners, and other stakeholders. They play a significant role in boosting the country's economy by facilitating import and export activities and contributing to job creation and revenue generation.

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