Approved Nigerian Governors Salary and Allowances: A Detailed Overview

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Governors play a vital role in the governance and development of Nigeria's 36 states. As public officeholders, their salaries and allowances have /been a topic of public interest and debate. In this blog post, we will delve into the approved salary structures and allowances for Nigerian Governors, providing a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects surrounding their positions.

Base Salary and Monthly Allowances:

According to the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), the base monthly salary of Nigerian Governors is currently set at N2,223,705. This base salary, however, forms only a fraction of the overall remuneration package, as Governors are entitled to various allowances.

1. Hardship/Severance Allowance:

Governors receive a hardship allowance, representing 50% of their basic salary, which amounts to N1,111,853. Additionally, there is a severance allowance equivalent to 300% of their basic salary, which totals N6,671,115. This severance allowance is paid at the end of their tenure, acknowledging the completion of their service.

2. Constituency Allowance:

Governors receive a constituency allowance worth 200% of their basic salary, amounting to N4,447,410. This allowance is intended to support Governors’ work in their respective constituencies, aiding development initiatives, and addressing the needs of their constituents.

3. Duty Tour Allowance:

Governors are entitled to duty tour allowances, which cover expenses incurred during official visits or trips within and outside Nigeria. The amount varies depending on the duration and location of the duty tour, with provisions for accommodation, transportation, and other necessary costs.

4. Estacode Allowance:

When Governors travel abroad for official assignments, they receive estacode allowances. Estacode allowances are calculated based on the duration and location of the trip, ensuring that Governors are adequately compensated for the expenses incurred during their international engagements.

5. Entertainment Allowance:

To fulfill their roles as hosts and representatives of their states, Governors receive entertainment allowances. This allowance covers the costs associated with hosting events, meetings, and social gatherings within their official capacity.

6. Personal Assistant and Domestic Staff Allowance:

Given the demands of their office, Governors are entitled to allowances to hire personal assistants and domestic staff to assist with administrative and household tasks.

Wrapping up:

The salary and allowances structure for Nigerian Governors aims to ensure their financial stability while enabling them to effectively carry out their duties. The base salary, along with the various allowances, allows Governors to address the needs of their constituents, fulfill their administrative responsibilities, and represent their states at national and international levels. It is important to note that transparency and public accountability concerning public office finances remain crucial. The approved salary and allowances for Nigerian Governors are subject to periodic reviews by the RMAFC. The government continues to work towards creating an equitable system that not only ensures adequate compensation but also prevents misuse and abuse of public funds. As citizens, understanding the financial aspects of public office helps us hold our elected officials accountable while fostering an environment of responsible governance.

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