15 Best Standing Air Conditioners in Nigeria: Prices and Features

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With Nigeria's hot and humid climate, a reliable air conditioner is a necessity for creating a comfortable living or working environment. Standing air conditioners, also known as floor-standing or portable air conditioners, offer the convenience of cooling specific areas without the need for complex installations. In this detailed blog post, we will explore the 15 best standing air conditioners available in Nigeria, highlighting their features and providing an overview of their prices. This will help you make an informed decision when choosing the perfect cooling solution for your needs.

1. LG Floor Standing Air Conditioner (FS 5HP):

Price Range: ?450,000 - ?550,000 The LG FS 5HP air conditioner boasts a cooling capacity of 5HP, making it suitable for large spaces. It features auto clean, auto restart, sleep mode, jet cool, and jet heat functions, ensuring efficient cooling and heating capabilities.

2. Samsung Floor Standing Air Conditioner (AF28FVS3EAWR):

Price Range: ?350,000 - ?400,000 With a cooling capacity of 2.8HP, the Samsung AF28FVS3EAWR air conditioner includes digital inverter technology for energy efficiency. Its additional features include an energy-saving mode and sleep mode, allowing you to find the perfect balance between comfort and energy consumption.

3. Panasonic Floor Standing Air Conditioner (FS 4HP):

Price Range: ?380,000 - ?450,000 The Panasonic FS 4HP air conditioner comes with nanoe-G air purification technology, ensuring clean and fresh air circulation. Its econavi intelligent sensors optimize cooling based on human presence and activity, while the quiet mode provides a peaceful environment.

4. Haier Thermocool Floor Standing Air Conditioner (HT FP 48K):

Price Range: ?350,000 - ?400,000 The Haier Thermocool HT FP 48K air conditioner offers turbo cooling and intelligent airflow features for quick and efficient cooling. With auto restart functionality, it will resume operation after a power outage, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

5. Hisense Floor Standing Air Conditioner (FS 5HP):

Price Range: ?400,000 - ?450,000 The Hisense FS 5HP air conditioner offers a dual mode temperature setting, allowing precise control over the cooling or heating process. Its auto clean function ensures the air conditioner remains clean and free of accumulated dust.

6. Midea Floor Standing Air Conditioner (FS 2HP):

Price Range: ?250,000 - ?300,000 The Midea FS 2HP air conditioner provides wide-angle airflow, ensuring efficient and uniform cooling. Its sleep mode and timer function allow you to set specific operating hours, enhancing energy efficiency.

7. Daikin Floor Standing Air Conditioner (FCQS100JVEA/RZQS100AV1):

Price Range: ?2,000,000 - ?2,500,000 With a cooling capacity of 10HP, the Daikin FCQS100JVEA/RZQS100AV1 air conditioner guarantees powerful cooling for large spaces. It features Coanda airflow, powerful operation mode, and self-diagnosis function for optimal performance.

8. Bluegate Floor Standing Air Conditioner (BGFS-48000R):

Price Range: ?350,000 - ?400,000 The Bluegate BGFS-48000R air conditioner offers an energy-saving mode to reduce power consumption while maintaining a comfortable temperature. Its auto restart and sleep mode functions add convenience to your cooling experience.

9. Scanfrost Floor Standing Air Conditioner (SFACS18K):

Price Range: ?300,000 - ?350,000 The Scanfrost SFACS18K air conditioner features a digital display, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust settings. Its auto swing function ensures uniform airflow, while the low voltage start function protects the air conditioner during power fluctuations.

10. Polystar Floor Standing Air Conditioner (PV-FS4.0HPK):

Price Range: ?350,000 - ?400,000 The Polystar PV-FS4.0HPK air conditioner boasts a 4-way swing louver for even distribution of cool air. It includes a sleep mode and turbo cooling function, ensuring a restful night's sleep and quick cooling when needed.

11. TCL Floor Standing Air Conditioner (FS-5HP):

Price Range: ?400,000 - ?450,000 The TCL FS-5HP air conditioner operates silently, providing a peaceful and comfortable environment. Its auto restart and LED display enhance user convenience.

12. Nexus Floor Standing Air Conditioner (NX-FS4.6K(B)):

Price Range: ?450,000 - ?500,000 The Nexus NX-FS4.6K(B) air conditioner can be controlled via a remote, allowing easy adjustments from anywhere in the room. Its timer function and low noise level make it a convenient and unobtrusive cooling solution.

13. Thermocool Floor Standing Air Conditioner (AC FSAIN 18000 CRA1):

Price Range: ?230,000 - ?280,000 The Thermocool AC FSAIN 18000 CRA1 air conditioner comes with an anti-bacterial filter, ensuring clean and healthy air. With turbo cooling and low noise operation, it offers efficient cooling while minimizing distractions.

14. Royal Floor Standing Air Conditioner (RFC 5.0HP):

Price Range: ?400,000 - ?450,000 The Royal RFC 5.0HP air conditioner features an intelligent eye sensor that detects occupants in the room, adjusting cooling accordingly. Its swing louver and auto clean functions further enhance efficiency and cleanliness.

15. Chigo Floor Standing Air Conditioner (FS 3HP):

Price Range: ?280,000 - ?330,000 The Chigo FS 3HP air conditioner offers convenient remote control operation for easy adjustments. With sleep mode and auto restart functionality, it ensures a comfortable and hassle-free cooling experience.


When considering the best standing air conditioner for your needs in Nigeria, it is important to evaluate factors such as cooling capacity, features, and price. The 15 options listed above provide a varied range of choices suitable for different room sizes and preferences. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision and select an air conditioner that will deliver optimal cooling performance and enhance your comfort in Nigeria's warm climate.

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