10 Most Infamous Armed Robbers in Nigerian History

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Nigeria has witnessed several notorious armed robberies throughout its history. These criminals, often operating in highly organized gangs, have terrorized communities, leaving a trail of violence and fear in their wake. In this blog post, we delve into the stories of the 10 most infamous armed robbers in Nigeria's history, shedding light on their criminal activities, modus operandi, and the impact they had on Nigerian society.

1. Lawrence Anini:

Lawrence Anini
Lawrence Anini, also known as "the Law," was a notorious armed robber active in the 1980s. His reign of terror in Benin City and surrounding areas earned him notoriety. Anini's gang targeted banks and affluent individuals, creating an atmosphere of fear and apprehension. His capture and subsequent execution in 1987 marked the end of his criminal career.

2. Ishola Oyenusi:

Ishola Oyenusi
Ishola Oyenusi was one of the earliest-known prominent armed robbers in Nigeria. Active during the 1970s, Oyenusi was notorious for his audacious robberies, often targeting wealthy individuals. His notoriety earned him the nickname "Doctor Oyenusi," as he posed as a medical doctor to gain entry into his victims' homes. Despite his exploits, he was eventually apprehended and executed in 1971.

3. Shina Rambo:

Shina Rambo
Shina Rambo, whose real name is Oluwasina Oluwagbemiga, gained infamy as a leader of an armed robbery and kidnapping gang in the 1990s. His gang operated across southwestern Nigeria, engaging in high-profile robberies and abductions. Rambo was eventually arrested and served jail time before reportedly embracing a new path after his release.

4. Godogodo:

Terwase Akwaza, popularly known as Godogodo, was a notorious armed robber and kidnapper operating in North-Central Nigeria. Between 2007 and 2016, Godogodo led a gang responsible for several high-profile robberies, kidnappings, and murders in Benue State. After a notorious manhunt, he was arrested and is currently facing trial.

5. Osisikankwu:

One of Nigeria's most notorious armed robbers in recent years, Kelly Faith, known as Osisikankwu, was the leader of a gang responsible for numerous high-profile bank robberies across the country. Known for their violence and sophistication, the gang was eventually dismantled, and Osisikankwu was arrested and sentenced to prison.

6. Samuel Ogundipe:

Samuel Ogundipe, also known as "The Dogo," was a notorious armed robber who operated in Lagos State during the 1980s. His gang targeted banks, businesses, and affluent individuals. Known for his boldness and ruthlessness, Ogundipe's criminal career came to an end when he was arrested and sentenced to jail.

7. Anini Boys:

Not to be confused with Lawrence Anini, the Anini Boys were a notorious gang that operated during the 1990s in Lagos. They specialized in car theft, armed robbery, and violent crimes. The Anini Boys created fear and chaos in the region before being apprehended and facing justice.

8. Oyenusi Boys:

Inspired by the infamous Ishola Oyenusi, the Oyenusi Boys, active during the 1990s, were a ruthless gang involved in armed robberies and violent crimes in Lagos State. They emulated the modus operandi of their namesake, creating a reign of terror until their eventual arrest and prosecution.

9. Nwobodo Brothers:

Amarachukwu and Udonsi Nwobodo, also known as the Nwobodo Brothers, gained notoriety for their involvement in armed robberies across southeastern Nigeria. Known for their audacity and violence, the brothers posed a significant threat to the region before being apprehended and sentenced.

10. Godwin Nwaezea:

Godwin Nwaezea was a prominent member of the notorious "One Million Boys" gang, which wreaked havoc across Lagos State. The gang was involved in armed robberies, street violence, and extortion. Nwaezea became a household name during the early 2010s before he was arrested and prosecuted.


The history of Nigeria has witnessed the rise and fall of various notorious armed robbers that have left indelible marks on the country's societal fabric. The criminal activities of these individuals and gangs have contributed to fear, loss, and a desire for justice. While some met their demise, others faced imprisonment, exemplifying that crime ultimately carries consequences. The stories of these 10 infamous armed robbers serve as cautionary tales, underscoring the importance of law enforcement, community vigilance, and efforts to prevent and combat organized crime in Nigeria.

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