Comprehensive List of Coastal States in Nigeria

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Nigeria, located in the Gulf of Guinea, is blessed with a beautiful coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. This stunning coastline stretches for about 853 kilometers, providing the country with several coastal states rich in natural resources, cultural heritage, and breathtaking scenery. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey along the coast of Nigeria, exploring the full list of coastal states and the uniqueness they bring to the table.

1. Lagos State:

Starting our coastal tour from the western part of Nigeria, we have Lagos State, the economic and commercial hub of the country. Lagos is renowned for its bustling city life, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful beaches such as Tarkwa Bay, Elegushi Beach, and Lekki Beach. This state is also home to significant landmarks like the National Museum and Lekki Conservation Centre.

2. Ogun State:

Moving further west, we find Ogun State, which boasts a small portion of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. This state is famous for its historic sites, including the Olumo Rock, which offers a panoramic view of Abeokuta, the state capital. Ogun State is also known for its unique cultural festivals, such as the Ojude-Oba festival, celebrated annually in Ijebu-Ode.

3. Ondo State:

Continuing eastward, we arrive at Ondo State, blessed with beautiful sandy beaches like Aiyetoro, Igbonla, and Igbokoda. This state is also home to the breathtaking Idanre Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage site, characterized by stunning landscapes, ancient structures, and rich history.

4. Delta State:

Moving further east, we enter Delta State, which boasts a significant portion of Nigeria's coastline. The state is named after the Niger River, one of Africa's largest rivers, which forms a stunning delta as it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Delta State offers breathtaking riverine landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unique festivals like the Argungu Fishing Festival and Ijaw Boat Regatta.

5. Bayelsa State:

Continuing eastward from Delta State, we arrive at Bayelsa State, which is entirely riverine, with the Atlantic Ocean forming its southern boundary. Bayelsa State is known for its lush mangrove forests, diverse aquatic life, and several rivers and creeks, including the famous Brass River. The state is also home to the Niger Delta University, located in Wilberforce Island.

6. Rivers State:

Next on our list is Rivers State, named after the many rivers that crisscross its landscape. This state is known for its booming oil and gas industry, particularly in the city of Port Harcourt. Rivers State offers breathtaking waterfronts, such as Port Harcourt Tourist Beach and Bonny Island, and historic landmarks like the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park.

7. Akwa Ibom State:

Continuing eastward, we reach Akwa Ibom State, blessed with beautiful beaches and waterfronts, such as Ibeno Beach and Oron Beach. This state is known for its rich cultural heritage, warm hospitality, and natural attractions like the Ibeno Sandbar, which is a unique island formed by the deposition of sand along the coastline.

8. Cross River State

Our coastal tour comes to a conclusion in Cross River State, home to the famous Obudu Mountain Resort and the breathtaking Agbokim Waterfalls. This state boasts stunning riverine landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, with annual festivals like the Calabar Carnival, known as "Africa's Biggest Street Party."


These coastal states in Nigeria offer a diverse range of experiences for both locals and tourists alike. From vibrant city life to breathtaking waterfronts, cultural festivals, historical landmarks, and stunning natural attractions, there is something enticing for everyone along Nigeria's beautiful coastline. So, whether you are a beach lover, a history enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, make sure to explore these coastal states in Nigeria and be captivated by their unique charm and beauty.

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