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This research project work was undertaken with a purpose of determining and evaluation of the effect of the Role of Commercial Bank in Achieving Stability in Foreign Exchange. The effect of the Role of Commercial Bank on the behavioral aspect of management information system are Aggression Avoidance and Projection on the other hand other operational pressures are maintaining the system. Personal problems in the book-keeping department maintaining book-keeping machines. Exparching volume of operation’s need to accommodate the increasing volume need to maintain or reduce cost-unsatisfactory output. Errors in terms of reports and statement delays in work processing needs or system change. The study has a library research and empirical study. Additional information were collected from journals bullies text book and newspapers etc. it was been clear to me from what I found out that the Role of Commercial Bank in Achieving Stability in Foreign Exchange plays a very big positive better information for commercial loan management improve the speed limit & accuracy of services to customers and also provides necessary data input for advanced financial information system. It leads to problem awareness permits feed back on the implementing of decision. It support problem analysis and selection of alternatives it influence the choice of the most appropriate option. Also computer are used in implementing. Strategies or plans for they can also be used for daring up the budget in constituting investment port failed and in bank’s balance sheet management. From the work been mentioned above it is quite clear that if Nigeria bank continue to encourage the use of the Role of Commercial Bank in Achieving Stability in foreign exchange would have a better standard of living & the work of science & technology as regards to computer services.


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