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This project is a very crucial study for the Nigerian commercial banks. The study was motivated by the necessary to establish a way in which liquidity problems in Nigerian commercial banks. Shall be tackled. Also it is a known fact that this work dwelt much on the effect of liquidity problems in Nigerian commercial banks with reference to the effectiveness of government policies and to the bank profit. To solve the research problems only the secondary data were collected in this study. The principle sources of secondary data were from text books, newspaper etc. they were also collected from both published and unpublished material from the following places, National library Enugu, institute of management and technology Enugu. Based on the findings it was found that excess liquidity indicate a rise in the money on circulation and this tread have been feared to subsequently attract inflationary pressure on the economy. The conclusion of this study is that commercial banks should keep some of their assets equal to a certain percentage of their deposit in liquid form. So as to avoid liquidity problems in commercial banks.


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