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The establishment of bank is not legislatively decree compelled but should be seen as a measure to persuade the institution to take the advantage of employing and utilizing economic and social facilities. This study us aimed at identifying the role of bank in export promotion for economic growth in Nigeria. Highlighting the various roles that commercial bank has contributed towards Nigeria match for growth and development in export promotion this study focused attention an the general operations of the bank historical structure and background for effective and accurate assessment of the bank. The study further remand the objectives and role of bank in export promotion and appraised its performance and also expose its problems and make recommendation materials for the study where sources are purely form secondary data. The Nigeria economy is presently in a great and dilemma. The economy was plunged into the agonizing mainly due to over reliance on export commodity oil suddenly the price of crude oil drooped in the international market. The reflected sharply in the level of national income and gave rise to adverse balance of payment problems. The major concern of this study is to reveal how banks can help in promoting export and stimulating economic growth the federal government has taken liberal measures to stream live the structure of the banking system more banks are being licensed to undertake commercial and merchant banking activities. A discount window of financing export have been established by the federal minister of finance export credit guarantee and insurance scheme is being design by the federal ministry of finance to stimulate export financing in particular the federal ministry of finance has been made an autonomous institution while banks are now allowed to take equity interest in small scale enterprises.


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