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The findings of this project were based on the analysis of data collection from different questions administered to both bank staff and customers. However, much emphasis were laid on those questions that are of importance to the researcher. Analysis of some of the tables revealed that the banks used for this research work were all computerized to some extent, this validate the authenticity of this research. It was generally agreed that computerization research actually had effects on bank. According to finding from table 4.5 computerization has brought about better information storage system and has brought about efficiency in the banks. The researcher also discovered that computerization has actually reduced the cost of service rendered by the banks to the customers. Among other findings by the researcher were factors militating against the effective and efficient use of computer in banks. These are as follows: 1) Lack of well trained personnel to handle the computers 2) Incessant electrical power failure arising from the use of public supply 3) Increased computer oriented fraud either by bank staff, customers or both. 4) Computer virus 5) High cost of training and maintenance of staff 6) Highest cost of computer hardware and software and danger of millennium bug have gone a long way in affecting the attempt banks make in computerization of their operations.


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