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The proliferation of banks in Nigerian economy resulted in cutthroat competition among banks, the phenomena in informed the decision to probe into how banks market their financial services. In other words, the focus of this work is to find out the marketing strategies adopted by banks to create awareness of their products. To customers, it also sought to know the importance of marketing in the liquidity and profitability position of banks. The effect of marketing strategies and techniques on the existing customers and prospective ones was also a subject for consideration. However, since there are many banks in Nigeria spread over the thirty-six (36) states of the federation and the federal capital territory, Abuja to use all banks for the purpose of the study would be cumbersome and illogical. Four branches of the bank situated in Lagos were used for the purpose of data collection interviews method was adopted with the use of two separate interview schedules, one for bank officials and the other for customers of the branches.


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